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Yellow Shirt

28 Apr Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Yellow Shirt
Yellow Shirt

This was the week of Anjali.  She has started to say some pretty funny things.  These two are my favorites.

Incidence #1: We were at Joy School, going down the slide that my friend had just had installed in her backyard.  Anjali was getting ready to go down and saw another of my friends off to the side.  She has beautiful red hair.  Anjali shouted, “Hey! Hey! Watch me!”  After no response, she yelled louder, “Hey!  Red Hair!  Watch me!”  My friend turned to see the little redhead go down the slide.

Incidence #2: We were at the park near our house at a farewell party for some friends in the ward.  Anjali was on the “Big Kid Swings” (meaning that they were not bucket seats) and was getting tired of pumping herself.  (Dovy and I have been trying to teach her some more autonomy lately; three kids is pretty busy!)  She turned to the yellow-shirted gentleman next to her and proclaimed, “Hey Yellow Shirt, would you please put down your phone and push me?”  The man (also attending the party) told me about the incident.  He was pretty goodhearted about it, thank goodness.

Another piece of good news: Lincoln said “mama” this week!  Until now, he’s been a grunter.  He was in his crib and I could hear him calling for me.  “Mmmma, mmmma!”  You know, when they’re whining and their mouths are closed and they open up to an “a?”  That’s what it was.  So, not actually “mama” but we’re on our way.

This week, I undertook a rather large project.  I’ve been wanting to make a dress-up area for the girls for a while.  They really love dressing up and now we have a surplus of things that we haven’t had a place for.  Sooo, I finally threw in the towel and cleaned out their entire closet.  This is one of my least-loved chores.  Kids grow so fast and you get attached to certain outfits when they have certain memories associated with them.  So, it’s like pulling off a lot of little band-aids when you have to get rid of things that just can’t make it through another kid.  I also dislike knowing if something fits, therefore, I have to undress and dress two little children more times than I have patience for.  However, I made it through.  And it was super worth it.  Because I spent the next week painting the closet purple and then creating a Rapunzel scene so that I could devote the bottom half of the closet to dress-up.  The girls were absolutely ecstatic!  They couldn’t believe it.  Elli kept touching the wall and crying out in her sweet little voice, “Look, Mommy!  Rapunzel hair!”  They danced like princesses and twirled in front of the eight dollar mirror I found at D.I.  (Thanks for your help spray-painting it, Dovy.)  So worth it!

I also somehow found time to throw a baby shower for a friend.  I would say it was a success and I’m really glad that I had the chance to do it.  Love you, Ash!