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Spring Break Stinks

15 Apr Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Spring Break Stinks
Spring Break Stinks

So, I’ve decided that Spring Break is just no fun when Daddy still has school (thanks, BYU) and preschool is canceled.  We couldn’t really go anywhere without Dad (that wouldn’t have been super stressful for Mom) and Anjali got Cabin Fever because she didn’t have school.  In fact, when I told her there was no preschool on Tuesday, she had a complete meltdown.  She cried for about 15 minutes.  I guess she really wanted to go…  I’m trying to find lots of things for us to do this summer so that we can stay busy while Daddy finishes college.  Yay for August!  I think I’m going to make a countdown paper chain… yeah.  That’s what I’ll do.  It’ll help the kids count down, too.  Something tangible will help.  Hey.  That’s how I work.

Twice in the last week, I’ve had strangers say something about my “twins.”  It never fails that when someone says this, one or both of the girls is sitting.  In this case, Elli and Anjali look about the same size.  Anjali is significantly taller, but when they’re sitting…  well, my girls look like twins.  haha!

The girls have been singing a whole lot lately.  They love to sing, especially Elli.  She sings herself to sleep.  I forget to tell babysitters this, though, and they often worry that the girls don’t go to sleep at night after they tuck them in.  The girls always chat before they fall asleep, and it never fails that Anjali is out before Elli.  Therefore, Elli entertains herself by singing alone.  It’s extremely precious to listen to.  However, Anjali was the little singer the other day and started out with the traditional “Old MacDonald” routine, until she got to “and on his farm he had a moose.”  Moose?  I’d LOVE to see where this goes.  And then she continues without missing a single beat.  “With a ‘maw maw ‘ here and a ‘maw maw’ there, here a ‘maw,’ there a ‘maw,’ everywhere a ‘maw, maw!’ Old MacDonald…”  It was ingenious, I think.  And it cracked me up.  Double points.

This week was an especially heart-wrenching one for Lincoln.  He was very grumpy because he had a rather large round of shots on Monday.  Poor little guy.  He had a fever for several days and would cry and whimper all day long.  If you know Link at all, this is nothing like him.  He’s a very content, easy-going sort of dude.  Two days after the shots, I told Dovy on chat, “Lincoln is very tired and now he’s finally started to sleep it all off.  He’s sleeping like a log.  Hey!  Lincoln Log!”  Our little Lincoln Log.  Lame, I know.  But I actually didn’t intend to use the pun and sound like a cheese.  But I did.  The End.