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The Chicken Man

02 Apr Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on The Chicken Man
The Chicken Man

I have a bit of an embarrassing tale.  However, it was hilarious, so bear with me.

Today, we were watching General Conference.  (This is an over-arcing meeting for us Mormons and it’s broadcast all over the world.  You can get more information here.)  Anyway, our Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson got up to speak.  Now, let me preface this by saying that I definitely have talked to my kiddos about this guy.  Just puttin’ it out there.  So, I get my excited mom-voice on and ask Elli, “Look, Ellz!  Who is that?”

My beautiful brunette replies seriously, “The Chicken Man.”

“The Chicken Man?  Like, from Toy Story?”

“Yeh-es.”  Because she says that word with two syllables, all drawn out.

So, then we have a big discussion about the prophet and what he does in the church.  We sing Follow the Prophet, their favorite, and I think we’re all fine and dandy.  Fast forward a few hours to the very last session of Conference.  I now turn to my oldest child.  “Anjali, who is that?”  I smile to myself because I feel I have done my job and we are now making headway.

“The Chicken Man.”

What?  What?? Are you serious?  Desperately, “Um, Anjali.  No, he’s the prophet.  Remember?”

“He’s a chicken and the prophet.”

Fabulous.  I’m sorry, President Monson, but we’re still working on it.  They do read scriptures and pray every day, though.  Does that count?

I also struck out twice over this week when Daddy was at the Priesthood Session last night.  It was, of course, a long night and Elli’s whine was turned WAY up.  We were definitely ready for bed.  I finished feeding Link and was trying to get him down (and this only took a few minutes; it wasn’t like I take half an hour or anything.)  The girls shot full throttle into a screaming match and all I could hear was “YES!” and “NO!” being screamed at the top of two tiny pairs of lungs.  I quickly laid Link down and wound up his mobile.  I all of the sudden hear a little smack.  I suddenly realized who did the first attack when I heard an even louder, sharper
smack that must have been very painful because then Elli ran into the room, wailing and shaking with anger.  It has begun.

How did I handle it, you ask?  Both girls were immediately put onto time-out while I finished getting Lincoln down.  When I came out, I couldn’t believe what I had entered into and as I was talking the whole situation out with the girls, I burst into laughter.  They were acting so seriously and I guess I just couldn’t keep a straight face.  Anyway, we’ll see how my reaction ends up affecting them in the end.