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Easter 2011

25 Apr Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Easter 2011
Easter 2011
Happy Easter to everyone reading out there! We had a wonderful Easter! We have established so many traditions for our family, and we love it. :) I spent the week making Greek food and preparing for the feast: deviled eggs, red Greek Easter eggs, Baklava, Pasticcio, Spanakopita, Tiropita, Greek Salad, lamb, potatoes, and Red Velvet Cake! I am starting to feel better with each passing week and I’ve finally been able to keep up with the house and make the meals. I’m also weaning myself off of my nausea meds. The side effects are starting to outweigh the nauseous feelings, so I figure it’s about time to get off of it.
On an exciting note, I felt the baby this week! Just three little nudges as I was leaning over and talking to someone. It’s good to know that there’s a healthy, active little someone in there. I don’t usually feel anything, but there is a lot of growing and stretching in there, I can tell. We’re really excited for the ultrasound later in May. Woo-hoo!
Dovy has had a lot of good news for work. They are making deals with two companies very soon, one of which he is flying out to meet with in California this week. He is really excited and I’m truly happy for his success.
On Friday, Dovy and I had the chance to take some engagement photos for one of my cousins. Mark and his fiance, Kait, will be married in August. Here are a few little examples of what I have come up with.
I LOVE black and white enhancements.

I saw this on another announcement and adapted it for them.

Love this one, too!
Dovy was able to manipulate the lens enough to get

this shot up on Y Mountain. I edited it to get it more compelling.

We make a great team.
They haven’t decided on anything yet, but it sure has been fun to take the photos and edit. I’d really like to get further into photography. One of these days, I will be taking a class.

Baklava! Thanks for the recipe, Mom!

Elli is learning to draw – and she loves it!
She reminds me so much of myself here.

I always did my homework on my stomach on the floor,

if I could help it. When I’m pregnant,

I miss being able to lay on my tummy.

Red Velvet Cake!
Thanks for the recipe, Bakerella!

I added about a quarter cup more flour this time.

The cake was a perfect texture! Fluffy, not too oily,

didn’t fall much in the middle. Cooked it a little longer.

Finally found the perfect combo.

I helped a friend with check-outs at a nearby
apartment complex on Saturday morning.
Dovy took the girls to the Easter Carnival and I met them

there when I was finished.

They loved the slides, food, games, and bounce house.

After the latter, Elli tried to run back to it and Dovy had to follow her

through the crowd. She kept saying, “Bounce, bounce!”

I was especially proud of Dovy here. He did the girls’ hair! Anjali’s

was perfect but Elli’s came out because she was a little rambunctious.

Elli pushing her “puppy” in the baby stroller.

Elli was the first to emerge from her bedroom on Easter morning.

Anjali buried her head in the blankets until she was ready to make an appearance.

This is VERY indicative of their personalities.

When Anjali finally came out of bed,

she went berserk on finding the eggs.

She loved it!
Yet again, too early for the Pink Princess.

My sweet little angel.

My sweethearts.

They absolutely make my day – every day.

They really look like sisters in this picture.

It really surprised me when I saw it.

I made the hairbows for them and spent

all week trying different hairdos so I could have

it just right for Easter.

After church.
Anjali’s Sunbeam teacher took pictures for us after Church

because we rarely get family pictures taken.

I also wanted a picture of the four of us before I got too

fat and pregnant to hide the fact that we have another

one coming.

Our dinner party.

My cousin, Sam, and his sweet wife, Lindsay.

Todd is next in line – he’s Kathryn’s boyfriend.

Anjali breaking the red Easter eggs!

Elli getting a posed picture with Daddy because
she already broke her egg.

I won! Dovy couldn’t crack the end of my pointy egg.

Here are the cracked ends, though.

Sam had to run home to get their dog.

Anjali walked down to their house with him.

This is such a sweet picture of the two of them.