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Not Much

17 Apr Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Not Much
Not Much
There wasn’t a ton that went on this week. I’ve done a lot of resting and finished up choir. I had a doctor appointment at the beginning of the week! I heard the baby’s heartbeat – 145bpm. Healthy and everything is looking really good. I also now have an ultrasound date! Middle of May and I’m totally stoked to see our baby! (Won’t lie – I’m DYING to know what it is, too.)
There was one major accomplishment of the week! And here it is:

Anjali’s first stick figure!
Dovy gave her a mini lesson the day before and then we were sitting

at the table one afternoon, and this is what she came up with. For some reason,

her stick figures have a line coming up out of their heads, but I was so proud

to see arms and legs! I asked her what she drew on the feet at the bottom.

“Shoes!” Of course.

So, this week I am trying out Easter hairstyles. I want the girls’

hair to look cute so I’ve been tinkering around. It’s been extremely

difficult. Anyone who knows Anjali knows that she can’t hold still.

This took me FOREVER! But, it was pretty cute.

And here she is, smiling that “melt-my-heart” grin.
She gets me every time.

I don’t have a picture of Elli this week, but she is growing very quickly. She has picked up a phrase that I still have not grasped the meaning of, “Bah-gok.” EVERYTHING is “bah-gok.” She asks it as a question and and gives it as an answer. Sometimes she adds an extra syllable and it’s “bah-gah-gok.” It’s extremely adorable but I have yet to figure out what she’s saying. She does, however, communicate very well. She says yes, no, more, all done, apple, yucky, Daisy, go walk, puppy, binkie, happy, hot, doggy, milk, locked (when she can’t open a door,) Mommy, Daddy, and Anjie (a version of Anjali.) I can’t believe how much she talks!
Today, we went to a baby blessing of some dear friends. Their little boy is adorable! Anjali wanted to sit with the mother and at one point, held the little baby boy so tenderly. Elli kept peeking over the pew to stare at him and kept saying softly, “Baby, baby.” At one point, towards the end of the occasion, she gently stroked his back as his mother held him. This gives me hope for #3!