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Insert Interesting Title Here

20 Mar Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Insert Interesting Title Here
Insert Interesting Title Here
I am running out of interesting titles…. sorry.

Perhaps my ability to create intriguing titles is directly proportional to my “Feel Like I Need to Barf” meter. haha Anyway. It’s actually been a really good week! I am so excited about my choir! Women’s Chorus is nearly sold out of their concert – and we’re still two weeks away from the show! This is absolutely phenomenal. So proud of the choir and all of the efforts they have been making. Awesome. Period.

This Wednesday, I had my first doctor’s appointment. Everything is looking good. My current official due date is October 10th. We had the chance to hear the baby’s heartbeat that day! 175 bpm. It’s so wonderful to hear that there’s a little someone in there. It’s so crazy to think that when I walk around or drive somewhere, there’s practically two of me. Two people in one. Weird, huh? Let alone the fact that my baby’s only the size of a kumquat (or so BabyCenter said this week.) I’m really excited to be a mommy again. I can’t wait to see what ends up coming to our family. Anjali’s proclamation of the day, “Baby Boy.” Really, she said that, even though she’s said “girl” for a while. In the past, she’s also said, “Anjali have baby girl, Elli have baby boy.” She’s so funny. But today, she described him for us, without any prompting from either parent. “Dark hair, blue eyes.” Which is hysterical, because I’ve never heard her say the word “dark” before. You never know, though. It could happen, right?

All in all, I am feeling a little better, but I’ve still had some bad days. I’ve definitely had a little more energy, though, thank goodness. We’ve actually gone to the park and gotten some errands finished. Yay for Mom!

On a walk last Sunday

Anjali and Daisy have this great thing working now.

Anjali walks Daisy. They wear each other out.

Perfect plan.

I was waiting for this day to come!

She looks so grown up.

We stopped a few blocks away at my cousins’.

Lindsay said, “My Sam.”

Anjali said, “No, my Sam.”

And they went on like that for a while.

Then they had a kissing fight.


Elli wearing Mommy’s shoes.

Elli eating barbecue sauce.

Yeah, we had KFC.

Yeah, I didn’t care about the calories that day.

Oh, and chocolate chip waffles.

Hey, you be pregnant!

We had a Relief Society Dinner this week and they

needed someone to play Joseph Smith.

Guess who got the role?

Dovy did a wonderful job! Everyone was super impressed.

Here’s me and “Joseph.”

Yeah, I was feeling sick here. I’m getting fat again, too.


Sidewalk chalk!

Anjali’s new passion.

Elli with my laptop case on her head.

This is a favorite pastime of hers right now.