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06 Mar Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Eventful
What a busy week! I am so exhausted, but it’s been good. After recovering fully from the stomach flu by last Monday, I finally figured out a good anti-nausea medicine combo so I could live through this pregnancy. It’s been kinda tough, but I think I’m getting the hang of it again. Makes me wonder what’s going on in there… Anjali’s pregnancy was really tough; I was super sick. Elli’s was very low-key. Nauseous, but not that bad. This one is a lot more like Anjali’s, but not quite so intense. Ah, well. A few more weeks, right? At least, I hope so.
The DVD collection leftover from our stomach flu entourage.
So, on Wednesday afternoon, we welcomed my cousin, Trevor Wolthuis, back from his mission to New Jersey. The girls even helped with the signs!


Our family and our cousin, Lindsay, with Trevor

Grandpa and his little “Magnet”

Three hours after Trevor arrived, I took a plane out to North Carolina! Crazy, huh? I was really worried about getting on that plane. I’ve been so sick and was not looking forward to the traveling, but there were so many prayers answered and I was able to make it fairly easily. I had a layover in Chicago and three seats all to myself on the way to NC. I went out for my best friend’s wedding! Kindra Clemence is now Kindra Heilpern. She married James on Friday in the NC Temple in Raleigh. Kindra, along with five of us bridesmaids, were all on the same freshman floor together. We have been intertwined into each other’s lives for the past eight and a half years! The last time we were (mostly) together was at graduation in 2007. Diana wasn’t there at the time, but the rest of us were. Diana made it this time, though, and we were all reunited at last. It was so much fun to be together!

Hanna, Jaehee, Diana, Kindra, mwah, Carolina, and Kiyah (Kindra’s sister)

The bride and groom coming out of the Temple

Kindra’s red hot shoes

All of the bridesmaids!

Hanna, Erica (NC friend), Jaehee, Diana, Kiyah, Kindra, Allyson (NC friend), Carolina, me

The college group with our red shoes

Friends from college

Shayla, Shelly, me, and Shanae (all sisters)

Aunt Mo spinning a b-ball

I stopped for a night at Mo and Pete’s.

They were great taking me in, and it was a relief

to be with family on my most nauseous night.

Thanks for having me!
I was planning on taking Elli on the trip, but was so sick the last week that we decided it would be best to leave her with Daddy. I missed her company a ton on the trip, but I think it was for the best. It was really tough-going for me at times, especially on the way home with a bit of turbulence, so it was a relief to only have to worry about myself and my growing baby inside. So, what did Daddy and two little fiends do for three and a half days? Oh, go to In-n-Out twice. And Pizza Pie Cafe. And Grandpa and Grandma’s! G & G watched the girls on Saturday because Dovy had a convention in Bountiful. Because I had the camera, I used these pictures courtesy of Grandma. (Thanks!)

Grandpa and Magnet

My youngest cousin, Charlie, with Elli

Uncle Mark and Anjali
When I got back from the airport, coincidentally, Mark and his boys

ended up crashing at our house. It was so much fun to have them!

Kinda reminded me of our days back on the road in August…

Elli and Henry

Elli pushing the cart that I used to play

with when I was a kid.

Jack, Anjali, and Technology

You get a ton of ice cream when you’re at Grandma’s house!

(Thanks again for taking care of my babies.)