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Park Time is Here Again

20 Feb Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Park Time is Here Again
Park Time is Here Again
Hmm. What to say today? I feel like we’ve just been recovering. We arrived from Denver on Monday. Laura (my cousin) drove back with us. It was a fairly uneventful trip, until Anjali found the markers. Oh, boy. When is that little imp going to stop finding trouble? Dumb question, I know.

Tuesday morning, I got Anjali ready for Preschool. My cousin, Lindsay, had taught me how to do an inside-out braid. Ta-da! I finally did it on Anjali’s hair. Not perfect, but it might be one day.

Anjali is really loving preschool. She has learned all about the mailman and cars and Christmas. She is a pro – and she loves it! What a cutie. She absolutely melts my heart.

Elli is my snuggle-bug extraordinaire. You haven’t met a snuggler until you’ve met Elli. She just sucks you right in. She loves to lay over your shoulder and will do it at length if you give her the time. Heart Melter #2. Especially when she’s snuggling with the Man of My Dreams.

On Friday morning, Anjali had an accident in bed. Ironic, because when she discovered her sister had pooed in her pants, I could hear her from the other room, “Elli! Yucky! Lay down.” I walked in to find her with the wipe box and a diaper. She tried pushing Elli down several times so she could change her. I can’t imagine the heart attack I would have had if I had found them both slimed in poo. At least she had good intentions, right?

The girls have really begun to entertain each other. I can’t believe how much fun they have! I’ve actually been able to clean the kitchen and the bathroom on different occasions this week without a single interruption. They love to play games and engage in hide-and-seek. They are even sharing pretty well. We made a run to In-n-Out this week. Anjali LOVES ‘Lilla Shates (Vanilla Shakes.) We ordered one for her and Elli to split. Would you believe, that we asked that little redhead to share with her sister and they BOTH took turns passing it to each other in the backseat? Back and forth, each taking big gulps and then handing it to the other. Talk about a heart-wrenching moment. I am so in love with them.

We went to the park this week because it’s finally warming up enough (of course, we had a mini-blizzard again this morning…) Elli is finally old enough to play on the equipment. She loves the slide and both girls adore the swings. Hello, picture perfect opportunities:


Elli trying to climb back up the slide

“Why am I here? Can’t you tell I’m freezing?”

Anjali has no fear. The last step on the left is higher than my head. And those steps are far apart. She did this on her own for the first time when she was two and a half. Now she goes up like it’s nobody’s business. I hardly even watch her do it now because she’s so quick and confident. (Is that bad?) She amazes me.

Down the slide! I remember when the little tyke would stand at the top and refuse to go down. I can’t believe how much she has grown.