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Wawa’s Home!

13 Feb Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Wawa’s Home!
Wawa’s Home!
I’ll let the pictures tell the story, because there are a lot of them!

Little Mexican Elli

(It’s really a Jessie Hat but she still looks Latin with

that little baby tan of hers.)

And this was the Anjali highlight of the week…

Tuesday night, I was making dinner. The three-year old had been quiet for far too long. I walked to the back of the hallway and found the bathroom door locked, lights on, fan on. I took a deep breath and literally prayed, “Heavenly Father, please help me handle whatever is behind this door, because I know it’s not going to be good.” I unlocked the door and found this:

The Little Bug had found my glitter (for glitter toes) and red nail polish. Everywhere. All over. Engrained into my carpet. Argh. I said, “Oh my gosh!” and Dovy shouted from the other room, “I’m coming!” It took an entire bottle of acetone to remove the polish and glitter off the child, the tub, and the tile. The carpet took a nasty toll. I brushed a lot of the polish out with a cotton ball and more acetone, but there are still plenty of streaks of red. It’ll last for a little longer, but boy, I wasn’t so sure when I found her.

Close-up of the damage

The girls hiding in my closet. Whenever they’re quiet (well, I guess not whenever,

because three-year olds still find nail polish when they’re quiet) I usually find them in the closet, either in my room or theirs.

On Friday afternoon, my cousin, Lindsay, my girls, and I drove to Colorado. My dear cousin, Laura (aka Wawa) came home from her mission in El Salvador! We’ve spent the weekend here with family and were able to listen to Laura’s report during Sacrament meeting today. (Of course, Anjali had the worst tantrum she had ever had during that time and I only caught snippets – argh.) But I do know that Laura is awesome and therefore couldn’t have delivered a talk anything short of awesome.

Great-Grandma Wolthuis with my babies – so tired from the trip.

Elli constantly shut herself in Uncle Frank’s office during the trip.

My Angel-Baby

Oh, I hit my head. Hold me, Grandma.

Uncle Frank and Elli

Uncle Frank and the girls

Anjali was facing me.

I asked her to smile for a picture.

She turned around.


My cousin, Kathryn

Isn’t she gorgeous?

The Creeper Face

This is a famous face of Kathryn’s.

Maybe not so gorgeous, but I still love it!

Grandpa wearing Max’s fake glasses.

Don’t take a picture of me!

Aunt Becky and my Princess

Elli posed for Grandma…

And then covered her face.

Diva Princess smiling…

before the tantrum struck.

Anjali hiding in the entertainment center

Post-tantrum. Sorry, Laura.

My sistah from another mistah.

Seriously. People have asked if we’re sisters.

One person even asked if we were twins.

I guess that’s what you get when you have some pretty

hilarious dads for brothers.

G & G with Laura

Elli wouldn’t sit on Grandpa’s lap for some reason.

We pulled out the ice water and a bag of fruit snacks.

Heart. Won.

Mission Accomplished.

People always ask me where Anjali got her red hair.

Look no further.
We leave for Provo tomorrow morning. Laura is driving back with me (Lindsay is going back with her sister) so she can spend some time with family and friends in Utah. I’m so excited she’s back, and the girls have already won her over. :)