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Pie Palooza 2011

06 Feb Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Pie Palooza 2011
Pie Palooza 2011
The following picture was a test of mommy’s sanity this week:

Because, see, the crayons used in this picture were not the washable Crayola kind. How do kids sniff these things out? Did it have to be THAT black crayon? Of course it did. So, the three-year old helped clean it all up…

Needless to say (and happy to report, I might add,) we have had no more impromptu frescoes on the wall during the remainder of the week. Thank goodness. She was pretty scarred for life, I think. Having to clean up your own mess? Oh, the horror!
Elli is seen demonstrating a perfect hand-hold on a (washable) Crayola crayon.

I am shocked that she already knows how to do this! She’s not even 17 months old for another week. (I might add that she’s also holding it exactly the way I hold a pencil – on my fourth finger, not my third.)

Oh, how they LOVE crawling into bed with each other.

So cute!
So, this week was Pie Palooza! We stuffed a ridiculous amount of people in our living space and ate an enormous amount of pie. We still have some in our fridge if you have a sweet tooth… Here was the line-up for this year:
All Things Chocolate

Chocolate Layer

Cream Cheese Pie (2)



Key Lime

Peanut Butter (2)

Grashopper (2)

Coconut Cream (2)

Banana Cream

Lemon Meringue


Rhubarb Sour Cream


Cream Cheese Pumpkin






Chocolate Pecan
The most popular was Oreo this year. I made it in a 9×13″ pan, so it was twice as big as most of the pies, and it was the first to go! (It was really delectable – I loved it!) We had a total of 25 pies, 21 different kinds. We had doubles of a few of them.

Cream Pies

Random Pies – including Shoo-Fly.

Shoo-Fly Pie was an inspiration from Women’s Chorus this year.

We sang “Shoo-Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy” last semester. I truly

wanted to know what we sang about for an entire semester, so I made it.

It is a molasses pie, and you need to have a taste for it…

All the baked stuff

There was literally standing room only at one point,

so my friends planted themselves in the stairwell with their two adorable daughters.

My cousin, Jared, is engaged to Kaitlin. Here she is with

my little Elli-Bug.

Came out one morning to find this.

Daisy snuggled entirely into the arm of my/Dovy’s sweater.

I had to dump her out because she couldn’t wriggle her way out.