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And They All Fell Down

30 Jan Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on And They All Fell Down
And They All Fell Down

This week, Dovy and I were having one of our talks. This is where I sit on his lap and make him pull his eyes away from the computer screen. We were just talking about the week when – SNAP – the arms on the chair broke* and we both fell, laughing, to the floor!
*Nobody was injured in the making of this photograph.

The rest of our week has consisted of pie-making and publicity planning for the Women’s Chorus. I am so stoked about our committee this year and getting everything ready for our concert. Little plug: Friday, April 1st, 7:30PM, de Jong Concert Hall, BYU Campus. It is going to be outstanding! We have a stellar musical repertoire and some very touching stories to tell at the concert. I can’t wait!

The pie-making is going well. I have finished all the crusts and the double-crust pies, and half of the cream pies. About to finish the cream pies tomorrow and then it’s on with the cooking of the other ones. Should be a blast with the oven on high for the next two days.

And here is the rest of the week:

Four-Berry Pie

Elli crying on Daddy’s shoulder while he tries

to work.

This is how Anjali looks in the morning while eating breakfast.

She’s always half-awake.

Let’s just say that she’s not my morning baby.

But this one is!

“I love yogurt!”

Mark watches my girls on Thursdays while I am at choir.

Don’t you love Anjali’s “Duh Face” and Elli’s little sneer?

Anjali watching The Emperor’s New Groove.

All that she can say now to me is, “No touchy, Mommy!”

More applesauce, now!

(This is a plea to my great-grandparents on behalf of my mother.

I have eaten more than half of our supply of peaches and have nearly dwindled

the applesauce stash. Any extra unwanted goods can come down to our house.)