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17 Jan Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Grateful
Where’s the sun!? Come back! I’m ready for some warmer weather. The snow has just begun melting, but I have a strange suspicion that it’s going to come back again…

There’s this little thing called the “Whine Meter” in our house. For some reason, it has been on constant alert this week. Make it stop! haha. Anjali is enjoying preschool, Elli is a walking fiend, and Dovy is in full swing with school. Anjali thinks he goes to preschool every day, too. I am super busy with Women’s Chorus. I have put in all of the apparel orders and had to tweak the designs, so I’ve been phone-calling and designing and meeting all week. I have more orders to put in this week, and then it’s marketing time! I’m really excited to see what happens this year, it being the 50th anniversary of the choir.

Other than that, I’m beginning to prepare for… drumroll… Pie Palooza! I am still figuring out the exact date because of some family events, but it will be in February! Hopefully the first week! Woo-hoo! You are officially invited. Details to come. Have a pie that you really want to see this year? Let me know. I might just fix it up.

I had a real treat this weekend. Our dear friend, Kindra Clemence, came into town for a cousin’s wedding. As such, she stayed the night at our house and I took her to the airport at 4AM this morning. She is the one that introduced Dovy and me. I am going out for her wedding this spring. I get to be a bridesmaid – she was a bridesmaid at my wedding! It’s so great to have good friends. (This is why I didn’t post last night; we were up late and had to wake up super early – I ended up taking a nice, long nap today.) Kindra and I had the chance to visit an old freshman friend, Kate. Kate is one of the bravest, beautiful women I know. Over two summers ago, she married her husband, Ryan. In September 2009, they were driving on the freeway with their baby girl in the car. The car rolled and Ryan died at the scene of the accident. Kate suffered a lot of injuries and endured surgeries and a lot of recovery time. Their beautiful little girl, Cora, was fine. Kate is still as shining and enthusiastic as ever. She really loves life and her little girl. She loves her husband. She is going to grad school to become a teacher so she can take care of her little girl and have a career. She is radiant. Thank you for showing me another lesson of love and endurance, Kate. You are amazing and I love you.

I am grateful. So grateful. For families and for life and experiences and sadness and pain and learning. Thank you. Thank you to those of you have taught me and led me and guided me and loved me.

My angel baby, sprawled out.

Waiting for Anjali’s bus to come!

Elli absolutely adores peaches.

This is for you, G & G.


Elli doesn’t eat a very big variety of foods.

Thank goodness we found black beans.

Daddy taking Anjali to the bus.

I can’t believe how big she is.

Look at that sassy hair-do.

I’m gorgeous.

I know.

I know when Elli is really full because her bellybutton

really pokes out.

She looks like a mini Buddha!

Anjali upside-down.

Oh, how I wish I had those abs!

My baby, finally asleep.

And my big girl, asleep, too.

A little art project I finally got around to.

I’ve had the canvases for a couple of years now and

have been meaning to do something with them.

I finally found it. It was a mixture of many things.

Monograms for the girls’ names and a hairclip holder (that’s

the green one.) The top left has two jars on it that hold

hairties and clips. It’s functional and cute!