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Happy Anniversary to Us

09 Jan Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Happy Anniversary to Us
Happy Anniversary to Us
Four beautiful years. And in those four years, we’ve had a beautiful daughter, I graduated school, Dovy launched yet another business, we had another beautiful daughter, and now we own a cozy place that we can set our hearts for a while. It’s been amazing what life has handed us. We are so very blessed. What a wonderful family – complete with my favorite kind of dog, too. How much more American can you get?
We’ve had a good week. Dovy started classes, but it’s been really smooth sailing because one of his professors cancelled half of his classes. (The professor has been ill.) That meant we were free on our anniversary (on Thursday.) We ate breakfast at Mimi’s (yum!) and then ran errands. I know. So glamorous. Can you blame me? Anjali was at preschool and it was only Elli that we had to drag in and out of stores. We got a LOT done. :) That evening, Dovy and I drove out to Salt Lake and did some work in the temple there. That is where we were married, four years ago. It was a really special experience to be there on our anniversary. On our way out of the parking garage, Dovy had me read a love letter, written in Italian. (Thanks, Sam!) It told me not to worry about anything that evening, that Dovy would be taking me to Italy that night. We ate at Cucina Toscana. Divine! Caesar salad, Gnocchi Arabbiata, Spinach and Cheese Ravioli, Scalloppine with mixed mushrooms, and a molten lava cake on straciatella ice cream. It was so delicious. And we were sooo full afterward. After that, Dovy took us to the Anniversary Inn. We stayed in the Tuscany bedroom that night. It was perfect! (Except for the fact that the heater didn’t work in that room – it was freezing!) We had a glorious time. What a magical anniversary. Thank you, Sweetheart.
We spent the weekend running errands and putting the Christmas stuff away. Thanks for being patient with Mommy and all the cleaning. My little girls are the best.

Anjali in Mommy’s boots
I did a little photo shoot for a friend this week. She is a piano music major and has a recital this next week. She needed a poster for the event. Here is a sampling of what I did:

We used the girls’ toy piano.

Nice touch, eh?

Here was the final winner.

I put some edgy writing at the top, announcing the recital.

Another shot.
And here are the anniversary pics:

The flowers in the “window boxes.”

Our bed against a Tuscan backdrop.

Breakfast in bed!

Elli helping to put the ornaments away.

She had pine needles in her hair.

The girls helping with the ornaments.

(They kept taking them off and putting them back on again.)

Elli actually learned to put the ornaments on.

She is amazing me with her dexterity all of the sudden.

I was cleaning up with the Swiffer duster.

Elli picked it up and started helping!

So cute! She is just starting to help lately.

She can put the silverware in the dishwasher basket now, too.