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New Year’s 2011

02 Jan Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on New Year’s 2011
New Year’s 2011
This week we headed to Boise to visit with my Uncle and his family. We went on a three-week excursion with him and his boys this summer when we drove cross-country, making stops along the way to visit Dovy’s father and grandmother. We loved visiting with them! We helped with some projects around their house – I tuned my second piano! (Dovy helped to repair it.) A lot of us contracted colds, though, them and us, so between that and a really bad snowstorm that made it impossible to drive back earlier in the week, we stayed until yesterday. We made a lot of cheesecake, went shopping, saw Megamind, and ate at a pizza joint. (I told Mark it wouldn’t be a “Mark-visit” without pizza!)

“Give me your French Toast, and no one

will hear me cry.”


Elli getting a little walking help from her cousins,

Charlie and Henry.

Cheesecake #1

Aunt Angie had a lot cream cheese left in her fridge,

so we decided to eat it.

Here is the Marble Luxury.


They boys playing “Just Dance” on the Wii.

Jack sleeping with Charlie’s foot in his face.

Oh, brother. :)

Angie was hanging laundry.

I came out of the guest room to find every

kitchen chair with a piece of clothing and a funny

hanger attached to it.

This was Anjali’s endearing and adorable idea of

putting away the laundry.


She learned right when our Christmas break started.

Cheesecake #2

This one I made for a party on New Year’s Eve.

However, Angie was so sick, the party was postponed.

Thus, more cheesecake for us!

This is a chocolate cheesecake, topped with a layer of chocolate,

another layer of caramel, and pecans (only on a quarter of it because

Dovy and I are nut-lovers but everyone else wasn’t a fan). More chocolate chips

and drizzled caramel and chocolate again – Turtle Cheesecake, aka El Diablo.

Mark and Dovy smoking their “smokies!”

Dovy is dressed in Mark’s clothes so they could do

some repair work on the house.

I told them they looked similar in Mark’s clothes.

Uncle Mark chipped his tooth during the repairs!

Argh. Still lookin’ good, Mark.

Our Christmas tree this year.

Coming down soon – it’s really dead.
We hope all of you have had a wonderful New Year! Here’s to resolutions, and the few that we might possibly be able to keep. :) Love you all.