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Buon Natale

31 Dec Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Buon Natale
Buon Natale
We hope that you had a very Merry Christmas this year. Quick story. On Sunday, there was a baby blessing. When the father was finished blessing his little child, he held her up for the congregation to see for a moment. Anjali stood up, pointed, and said, “Baby Jesus!” At least we know that it’s sinking in, right? It was a fun week for our family – it was actually a really big week, too. Here it is:
My biggest Christmas present:

finishing part of the downstairs. Here we are, almost

finished with paint, the day before the carpet was installed.

(Finished pics to come next week.)

Getting the downstairs painted.

Look how awesome we are.

(And strangely enough, this picture reminds me of

a Bollywood movie.)

On Tuesday, we woke up to a Winter Wonderland.

I think we had about a foot of snow.

Our short-legged Daisy dog trying desperately to

brave the snow to use the bathroom.

Anjali all ready to go play in the snow!

Daddy and Anjali starting the snowman’s body.

Elli stuck on the porch while we

worked with the snow.

Mom and Anjali working on the rest of the snowman.

Our completed masterpiece.

Anajli put all of the rocks in place.

And… Anjali laughing her head off because when we stuck

in the left arm, half the snowman toppled over. Here I am

trying to put the middle section back on.

Our second rendition of Frosty did not have a mouth…

Daddy making a super-sized snow angel!

Anjali making a little snow angel!

Elli very upset about making a mini-sized snow angel.

Three snow angels! (Mom made one, too, next to Daddy,

but they didn’t all fit in the picture.)

My tired family.

A tower of Play-Do.

Anjali really is an artist.

Christmas Eve with Dovy’s family:

Front: Mark & Kristi Owens, Santa, Anjali

Back: LaDawn (Dovy’s mama), Lloyd Mason (her dad), Elli, Me, Dovy

Our family with Santa!

(Anjali actually knew who he was this year!)

Anjali was an angel for the depiction of the

manger scene.

Little Ethan was asleep on his mom’s shoulder, so she

just set him in the “manger.” He slept the entire time – even when Elli,

the little shepherd, smacked him on the face.

How sweet is that?

The girls in their Christmas pajamas.

Anjali ringing the bells during our caroling.

“Jin-dol beohs! Jin-dol beohs!”

Anjali opening her gift from Santa:

Toy Story binoculars!

Daddy opening his In-n-Out gift card!

The girls ripping into their presents.

Daddy stunned as he opens up a new camera lense!

Dad’s new suit jacket.

A walking piano!

(Meaning that you walk on the piano to play it,

not that it actually walks…)

Daddy’s second lense.

Yup, he’s pretty surprised, wouldn’t you say?

Dovy made me a lightbox so I could take

professional pictures of my BabyTorta products.

Here is a beautiful WillowTree figurine that I was given

for Christmas from the girls.

Funny that I gave him lenses and he gave me a lightbox.

We’re pretty much made for each other.

The ever-traditional Paukstys Fruit Pizza.

(Quiche – thanks again, Jaci – we love it! and Cinnamon Rolls, too.)

A picture of our burning firewood.

I did not edit this at all.

Does that tell you how awesome Dovy’s new portrait lense is?

“Pease! No pit-sure!”

Gee. Those tears turn on fast.

Another picture using one of the new lenses.

This reminds me of the message I gave at our Relief Society Dinners.

“May the light of Christ always be with you this holiday season.

He is always there, burning bright before you, even

if there is darkness all around.”