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Happiest Holidays

12 Dec Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Happiest Holidays
Happiest Holidays
This has been a fun week! I have been able to make two diaper cakes in a week’s time. It has been so much fun to have these opportunities! (Thank you to those out there – you know who you are.) :) Here they are:

Pink Butterfly Kisses

Three-Tier Cake
This was also my first shipment order.

Waiting to see how it does upon arrival.

This is my crown jewel because it really stretched me.

All of my other cakes have been totally within my

comfort zone. This one made me think outside the box.

I loved piecing the elements together and making it “manly.”

Love, love, love it!
I spent the rest of the week on the couch with a book or trying to keep the house together. I haven’t been feeling very well, what with this funny chest cold that took my voice away for a week. I am doing much better now – thanks to some NyQuil (only the softgels, thank goodness) and more sleep. I tried Robitussin at the beginning of the week. Oh, never again. I actually gagged it back up the first time I tried it. I do have a notable gag reflex and sometimes it can take me for a loop (imagine THAT with morning sickness… no, I’m not pregnant.) Call it what you will: reflex or psychotic. Either way, it was an adventure.
Anjali is loving her preschool. She has so much fun there! The bus driver said that she always tries to sit by the window so she can see us as they drive up. She also said that Anjali always gets so excited when she sees me out the window. If that doesn’t choke a mother up, I don’t know what will.
Elli is working on walking. Tonight, she probably walked about 100 steps (with plenty of falls – about every 6-8 steps.) She kept walking back and forth to us and smiling all the way, her diapered tush catching her almost every time. Even if it was her face that caught the fall, she still smiled and laughed and made it through. There’s something so magical about a child learning how to walk.
Dovy is heading straight into finals this week. We’re hoping he’ll be finished either Wednesday or Thursday. Good luck, Sweetheart! You’re going to do great!
Today, we took our family Christmas pictures. Here they are, for your viewing pleasure:

Our family in black and ivory.

I fell in LOVE with the girls’ dresses this year.

After the family picture shoot, Daisy was sulking under

the tree because I had tied a bow around her neck.

Anjali cuddled down with her, grabbed her face in her hand,

faced her toward the camera and said, “Daisy. Smile!”

A reflection of myself, I guess…

I shall interrupt this photo opportunity with my

Frankenstein walk.

Oh, how I love them.

Elli really is standing all by herself here.

She’s become a champ at standing, just still

working on the walking part…

Elli: Oh, please let this be over!!!!!!!!

Anjali: Candy cane? Did you say candy cane?