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Thanksgiving in CO

05 Dec Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Thanksgiving in CO
Thanksgiving in CO
So… we got home late on Sunday night and crashed when we arrived. This week has been nothing but crazy. I had three concerts and a dress rehearsal and Dovy had a 90-hour group project (95 pages total with a half hour presentation) due within five days. Planning for a huge church function topped off with losing my voice on Tuesday makes for a rather interesting, stressful, long week. But, it’s over! (Although my voice is still only 70%.) And now it’s smooth sailing for Natalie. My Relief Society activity is on Tuesday, as well as the last day of choir for the semester. After that, it will be Christmas shopping, candy making, and holiday preparations! Woo-hoo!
Thus, the lack of a blog post last week. And, seeing as I’ve been so busy and so under the weather that I didn’t take a single picture this week, it’s just as well that I am catching up now. Dovy has a big week and a half in front of him. Finals start the following Monday and finish that Friday. Then, it’s just me, the girls, Dovy and work. No school for two weeks. Yay!
While I was away at Thanksgiving, Dovy undertook the project of completing the stairwell, hallway, and living room in our basement downstairs. Everything is drywalled and mudded and cleaned out. (He even had the bathroom gutted. The only thing remaining is the toilet, which we will eventually need to move.) We need to tidy up the dust, texture, paint, and lay carpet. (I know, sounds like a lot.) We will be able to run both of our businesses out of the basement now, as well as have a little guest room and an extension for the girls to play in while we do some work. He did all of this without me knowing. Isn’t he amazing?! I know, I know. He is. So, we’ll also be finishing that all up down there. Yay for us! So, that’s a wrap. Here are the pics. :)
Daisy had some sort of anxiety in Colorado.

She wouldn’t eat and always wanted to snuggle next to someone

she already knew. Thus, Kathryn.

“Hey, Magnet. Look at your Mom.”

(Grandpa’s new nickname for Elli – because

she just draws people in.)

Yeah, my kids were lovin’ on their grandpa.

(Grandma – you were cooking so much I didn’t

get pics of you with them!)

My child was exhausted from all of the activity

with her cousins.

Kathryn stretching Curt’s gluts.

(Um, spelling for gluts? Gloots? aka Gluteus Maximus.)

Mo bringing in the good stuff!

Sweet Potato Casserole

Anjali loved the cars.

You can see the top of her boy undies. She loves them.

She cracks me up.

Jenny and Travis Winder (Becky’s younger sister)

and Lindsay, Sam’s wife – also one of my dearest friends.

We made pies! Grandma and Sami did the ever-famous and

delectable “White Pie” (Blueberry Cream Cheese.)

I did Apple, Chocolate Pecan, Cream Cheese Pumpkin,

Chocolate Pudding, two Coconut Creams, Peanut Butter,

Mormon Grasshopper, and three mini traditional Pumpkin

(cooked in ramekins for those who wanted just that.)

Thanks to all those who watched my baking so I could go out

at night… sorry about the mess in the oven…

Chocolate Pecan really overflowed. Who knew?

Elli conned Aunt Mo into feeding

her fudge whenever she wanted it.

Clearly, my child watched too much TV on this trip.

Do you see her vacant expression?

She ran out a lot of energy, too, though.

So I don’t blame her.

I love this pic of Kathryn and Elli!

(Little do you know that your phone is on my hit list…)

Actually, Elli has started “talking” on the phone –

babbling and saying “hi.” It’s to die for!

Funniest picture of my Uncle Frank to date.

Grandma’s Pound Cake. Yum!