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Week of Massive-ness

31 Oct Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Week of Massive-ness
Week of Massive-ness
Wow. What a week. How often do I start a blog post with that? Dot. Dot. Dot.

Okay. Dovy had a little scare with his eye. I thought he had pink eye at first, but after a CAT Scan (yeah, I was scared) and two doctor appointments, they found nothing. However, Dovy’s eyeball literally began to balloon. Now, two types of steroids later, he is starting to recover. Finally. Still not sure what happened… So glad he’s better, though!

Carved pumpkins, made costumes, prepared a lot of yummy food. Here we are! Halloween!

Daddy with his little girlies.

My one-year old baby weighs 20 lbs.

My almost-three-year old weighs 25 lb.

Go figure.

Anjali cleaning out her first pumpkin.

Not so sure about it, either.

Please notice the backwards boys’ undies.

They have Toy Story on them.

And they need to be “bat-wards” so she

can see the characters.

Permanent. Wedgie.

Dovy using his Dremmel to carve his pumpkin.

Our pumpkins!

Elli’s is top left with four teeth on top and two on the bottom, just like her.

Mine is the music note, of course.

Dovy’s is a heart with our initials and an arrow going through it.

Anjali’s is a very poor rendition of Buzz Lightyear. Don’t judge me.

Elli only likes peas. No carrots.

I finished my exercise chart!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been working on it for an entire year.

25 pounds of baby weight lost, and then an additional 37 after that.

Only 7 pounds left to fit in my wedding dress!
AND… just so we can remember how far I have come, here is a picture

of me about two weeks before I delivered Elli:


Betcha didn’t know that Jessie actually has a

pink teddy bear, and not a horse.

Our friends dressed as Roger, Anita, and one of the 101 Dalmations.

Anita is expecting a baby boy.

At the Campus Halloween Carnival.

Elli had no idea what to do with the fake spider.

Anjali and Olivia

Dovy unexpectedly had to do a CAT Scan and had the double

stroller in the trunk with him. So, I stuffed both kids in the single stroller

and walked to campus, praying and tearing up the whole time, hoping

that he was okay.

My Little Alien

And here we are!
Kudos to anyone who doesn’t need help to figure out

what Kathryn and Janette were.

(Okay, so Janette was the Etch-a-Sketch, and Kathryn

was Work-out Barbie.)

Bats, Mummies, and Pumpkins
Turns out that my edible markers didn’t work on the chocolate.

Had to order different ones, instead.

So, no jack-o-lanterns this year. Maybe next year.

Tip for anyone who tries these:

Bake a cake, stick it in a freezer bag, and shove it in.

Pull it out whenever you need it.

I do the same thing with my frosting, since I like to make all homemade frosting

and cake. PS – You need a LOT LESS frosting than is called for when you use

homemade. Like, less than half, I have found.