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French Bread

17 Oct Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on French Bread
French Bread
Big week for our little girls! Last Sunday evening, I put out a pair of Toy Story underwear and told Anjali that when she was ready, she could wear it. I just left it in the bedroom and went on with the day. That night, Anjali went to the restroom and then ran into her room, pulling on the underwear before I could do anything. So, there it started. Can of worms: opened. Miraculously, she was dry in the morning – with only one trip to the restroom during the night. Thus started a great week! She has had about an accident or so a day, but I’ve been able to take her on errands and on walks all week long with no accidents. She’s doing such a great job! Dry all but one night. Dry for all but one nap. I am so incredibly proud of her (and relieved that I MIGHT just be about done with diapers for her; also elated about the decrease in diaper/pull-up bills.)
Elli has been exploding with growth, as well. I can’t believe how much she has accomplished in the last week. She has started standing up on her own for about 3-5 seconds at a time. What a tender little balancing act to watch. Last night, before bed, she actually took her first step! She hasn’t been able to do more than one step at a time, but she is trying like crazy! I really thought it would be another month or so before we would see some steps, but she is movin’ and groovin’ like you wouldn’t believe. She’s also starting to babble a lot. This last week, she made up her own language. My cousin, Janette, says she sounds exactly like an Ewok from Star Wars. I would have to agree!
Other than that, we’ve just been busy. Dovy took a huge test this week and did well on it. He’s going full throttle with school and work. He’s nearly halfway through the semester… only half left!
Today, I decided to make French Bread. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would and it came out fabulously. I couldn’t believe how perfect it was. Thank you, allrecipes! My family DEVOURED it. Completely homemade spaghetti dinner. Yum!

Anjali trying on my wedding shoes

Sad! Elli hates her new Halloween costume.
We’re going to have to practice…

Anjali wearing her new light-up
Tinkerbell shoes. She LOVES them and wears them
everywhere, even to bed.
(A reward for filling two sticker charts for potty-training.)

You’ve seen a lot of pictures like this. However, Anjali
was dressed when they started playing.
She undressed herself and told me that she wanted
“no clothes like Elli.”

I left my headband out.
Possibly one of the cutest pictures of Anjali to date!
She looks like a little pixie.

Elli got on here all by herself and loved it!
We bought it for her at Christmastime last year
so she could get used to being on her tummy.
Works well as a chair, too.

Thanks for the mess, little ladies!

Elli in Anjali’s old Easter dress.
You can tell that I have totally wrong clothes
for the seasons because the girls wore different sizes
at different times of the year.
We’re getting a tax return (yup – extension) that will
help pay for some winter clothes for both of the girls since
Elli is dressed for the wrong season and Anjali is growing up too fast.

My French Bread!
Here’s the recipe. There were some changes that I followed:
5 – 5 1/4 c flour
1 1/2 tsp salt
Proof the yeast first with a little bit of sugar and half of the water, then proceed
Omit extra water with the egg white
15 minutes of bake time first; 10-15 after
5 tsp yeast plus a pinch more

Elli was whining for some bread and my hands were completely occupied.
The whining ceased and I looked down to see my two-year old, hand-feeding
her little sister pieces of French Bread.
How I love them. :)