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Here’s to Fall!

19 Sep Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Here’s to Fall!
Here’s to Fall!
Hello! It’s been a very busy week. Between church and school, I have had an event to run to every evening this week. Dovy has been super supportive. And I’m so proud of him! He’s doing really well in school.

I’m really taking off with my “cakes.” I finally decided on a name: Baby Torta. (Torta is “cake” in Italian.) – but I’m still working on the site. It’s really simple right now. Let me know if you need a cake! The first five cakes will only pay for the supplies. I only have four deals left!

I had a Women’s Chorus retreat on Friday and then yesterday, I was a “model” for the Women’s Chorus make-up video.

So, between the baby cakes, Women’s Chorus, church, my kids, and the rest of life, I am one busy mamma! I’m working sun-up to sun-down, and then again as my kids sleep. It’s good to be really busy, but it’s tiring.

PS – I LOVE fall! We kick it off with Elli’s birthday, then Halloween (Toy Story coming our way!), Anjali’s birthday, Thanksgiving. The fun doesn’t stop as winter comes on with Christmas, New Year’s, our anniversary, Pie Night (on Groundhog’s Day), and Valentine’s Day. So much fun! I’m super excited for Fall. The crisp air is beautiful, and then it gets warm during the day. Here’s to Fall!


Anjali wanted to model for me, as well.

“Look, Mommy! All da toys!”
Yes, little one. ALL of them.

“J. E. LL. – O!”

We love Jell-O!

Strawberry Cream Jewelry Collection

Strawberry Cream Pacifier Holder

Strawberry Cream Decorated Cake

Strawberry Cream Four-Tier Cake
Simple and Sweet

Strawberry Cream Cake,
Wrapped in Tulle.

You know you want one. :)