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Recovery and Crafting

05 Sep Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Recovery and Crafting
Recovery and Crafting
These past two weeks have been very busy. The minute we got back, Dovy was working. (Well, the next morning, anyway.) I did about ton of laundry and organized our lives in preparation for school the next week. I also did a lot of crafting! I made plans for a friend’s baby shower, and for Elli’s first birthday – which will take place THIS week! Crazy.

Dovy started school with a vengeance on Monday. The first week of the semester is when they hand out one of the two largest projects of the whole term. They said the project could take up to 60 hours. Hence, the reason I have been a “School Widow” and Dovy hasn’t come home before 9PM (and he leaves at 7:30AM, and comes home and works every night.) We have all really missed him. It has been so fun to have him home on Sunday and all ours. :)

I will let the pictures tell the rest of the stories from these past two weeks.

My baby girl growing up

The invitation for my friend’s baby shower:
green, yellow, and a touch of pink.

Last Sunday night, Anjali spiked a fever of 102, right out of nowhere.
All she wanted was to cuddle and be loved for the next two days.
No signs of any symptoms or incoming teeth, so I’m not sure why,
but it sure was fun to cuddle with her.

Anjali out cold with Daddy.
She really wasn’t feeling well, poor thing.

These snails were oogling each other on my front porch.
I think they were mating, because when I checked on them again later,
they were congealed together. Ew.

Here are a few of the outtakes for Elli’s birthday cards:

And the winner is:

Here’s the announcement!
Hope you can come if you’re in the area. :)
If not, I posted here for your viewing pleasure.

Thank you, iPhone.
This is how you keep a two-year old from
destroying your photo shoot.

This is a shadow box I made for my cousin, Camille.
My Aunt Nancy started me off on the idea, and now
I make them for almost all of my friends.
I stitched the word “baby” in the corner, and
also stitched the buttons in place.
I love the blue!
You can forever maintain baby’s first outfit on the wall.
Both of my girls’ hospital outfits have been kept this way.
Thanks, Nancy!

It was a total accident that the pink monster
ate lunch this day, with a hot pink bib and hot pink dishes.
Dovy and I helped get everything separately.
I guess we were just thinking alike.
And who said redheads don’t look good in pink?
Cuz she looks amazing!

Elli LOVES Spaghettios!
In fact, she’s just crazy about grown-up food now.
She only wants to eat what we eat and
gets mad when we give her anything else.
She’s also starting to develop a little temper.
Angel Baby, where’d you go?

Daddy with Elli

The girls in their Myrtle Beach tshirts.
Anjali’s says, “Princess” and Elli’s says “Angel.”
They both have matching bows in their hair!
(I know, I know. Some of you want to barf at the cuteness right now.)

And now, for the baby shower!

A watermelon baby carriage.
Tell me that you can tell that that’s
what it is.

Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Cucumber Sandwiches, Homemade Lemon Bars
made with fresh lemons (thank you again, Bakerella) Chocolate-dipped Rice Krispie Treat Rattles, Pink Cake Balls, Watermelon Baby Carriage, Peppermint Patty Baby Binkies, and Raspberry Lemonade.
Let me know if you ever need recipes!

Cake Balls!
Thank you, Bakerella!

All of us at Hannah’s shower.

And now for my new hobby.
Diaper cakes!
I am starting a little business with it.
If you or someone you know would like to give a gift to a new mommy, this is perfect!
(Also great for group gifts.)
I can deliver to hospitals, ship anywhere in the U.S, and make them for any shower.
Made to order, based on your budget. I make them with diapers, receiving blankets, ribbon, and items from the mommy’s registry. Here is the one that I made for Hannah.

I added a little bit of jewelry, too…

Matching Baby/Mommy bracelets

Coordinating pacifier holder.

And here it is, all wrapped up.
Ready to go anywhere.
Everything is pinned and attached carefully for easy removal
and no harm to any of the products on the cake.

Contact me if you would like a cake made!
*Special discounts right now to help me create more designs and get my name out there.
Shoot me an email at

My babies on the MonsterSak

Elli loves spaghetti, too.

Elli throughout the past year:

Birth, 1 month, 2 months
3 months, 4 months, 5 months
(You can really tell when she started evening out…)

6 months, 7 months, 8 months
9 months, 10 months, 11 months

I also started singing with the Women’s Chorus again. I’ve been busy this summer getting ready for choir and preparing marketing ideas for this year. I’ve already printed brochures and am sending those off this week! Keeping busy, which is great! Until next week.