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Goodbye, Myrtle Beach

15 Aug Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Goodbye, Myrtle Beach
Goodbye, Myrtle Beach
It’s been a week of wonderful relaxation. And now we’re ready to conquer the road again! ….Or not.

It was Elli’s first time at the beach. She was a good little sport, ate a bit of sand, and stayed out of the sun. However, that little olive-skinned baby got a tan this week! Even with 50spf sunscreen. She IS my daughter! And now she doesn’t look like Dovy’s kid anymore… hehe. Actually, both girls attained tan lines despite the frequent application of sunscreen. Anjali obviously attained the Wolthuis Redhead genes. I don’t know any redheads that can tan like them. They don’t tan like redheads. They tan like any Brownie out there. Which is weird and totally worthy of jealousy.

Anywho. We also had the chance to go to Charleston for a day! I was able to meet up with two of my old roomies, Carolina and Kindra. They are much more than roomies, though. There have been six of us that have circulated around each other’s lives since our freshmen years together. We’ve all been there for each other through thick and thin, good and bad, up and down, weddings, births, everything. It was so wonderful to see them again! Carolina lives south of Charleston and Kindra was on vacation 45 minutes north of us (but usually hails from North Carolina.) I fell in love with Charleston! It was such a beautiful, intriguing place. I took a lot of pictures and have included a few for your viewing pleasure.

The rest of the vacation consisted of more sun and fun. On Friday, we all packed up and headed back to my Aunt Mo’s. Our wonderful hosts have put us up for the weekend and the order has been nothing but fun! All of the cousins have become Anjali’s personal bodyguards and fun-instigators. She loves them all and it was a hard decision for who she sat by at church today.

Tomorrow, we head out. Early. E-A-R-L-Y. We will head out to take a flight from Baltimore up to Boston, where we will visit with Dovy’s grandmother and half-sister, Kristena. Look forward to our updates!

Dovy with Elli – first time at the beach!

Yes, I am a pool-lubber.
Less sand = less mess.
Perfect for an OCD mommy.

On the bridge over to Charleston

Kindra and her fiance, James, with Elli

Outside of the Charleston market
Me, Dovy, Elli, Anjali
Kindra, James, Carolina in the back

A house on Rainbow Row.
So beautiful and quaint.

Elli being a really good sport; Anjali just trying
to live through the heat.

Our family in front of the pier
(Jenny, if you read this, I ADORE the stroller!)

Roommates (Kindra, Me, Carolina) in front
of the Pineapple Fountain.
They actually have a sign that says you
can wade in it!

Carolina and me with Anjali –
getting ready to strip her down to play in the fountain.

Anjali living it up at the fountain!

Our family at Myrtle Beach, 2010

Uncle Mark with his wife, Angie, and their
three boys, Henry, Jack, and Charlie.
This is the uncle and cousins that we have
driven cross-country with. His wife had
to take a plane to get back to work.

Mo and Pete and their beautiful family.
Hank on the bottom, the twins, Ben and Sammi, in the middle,
and Petey on the top!

The whole gang, all together!