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Cabin Week 2010

25 Jul Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Cabin Week 2010
Cabin Week 2010

Can I just say that we have had an awesome July? Practically the best July ever! We spent an entire week at the family Cabin (built in 1931 by my great-great grandfather). So… on Friday we moseyed on over to Pines Ranch (conveniently located only 40 minutes past Heber, Utah.) We were greeted by all. My dad’s parents, and all of his siblings were convened there by midnight (Woo-hoo, Frank Family!) – Missed ya, Mom and Dad!

I’m going to give a little rundown in list format, because it was a long, exciting week!

Friday – Got settled in; horseback riding for Anjali – thanks to Uncle Curtis who brought Gracie, a beautiful white horse. Dovy was off on his new bike (thanks to Kristi!) nearly every day starting Friday. He absolutely loved it!

Saturday – My cousins reconstructed – literally – the Smith and Morehouse river so we could tube down it. Dovy and I had to drive back down to Provo for a wedding reception and to run errands for everyone that had forgotten things. :) Aunt Becky’s birthday!

Sunday – We received permission to have our own Sacrament Meeting at the Cabin. It was a very spiritual and unforgettable experience. Uncle Mark actually handed out tissues (well, napkins really) to everyone at the end of the meeting. We enjoyed Grandpa’s and Grandma’s famous Breaded Chicken and in the evening, we had a Heritage Fireside. Each of the in-laws (I represented my madre) shared information about their family heritage. Yet another spiritual, tear-jerking experience.

Monday – Went on a walk to feed the horses. Tubing for Anjali and Dovy down the river. Anjali was frozen but she didn’t care. She LOVED it! Every time we came back up to the Cabin, she would exclaim, “Reeba! Reeba!” and want to go back down. There was game-playing and fat-inducing dessert every night (we celebrated three birthdays while we were there.)

Tuesday – The whole family (except Grandpa, who had to drive back home to water his amazing garden) drove down to Park City to see Toy Story 3. It was Elli’s first movie and I only had to stand with her for half of it. Anjali, of course, loved it. (And speaking of Anjali – she kept dry nearly the whole trip and used the potty, too – except for pooing. No amount of begging with promises of horse rides and Jessie the Cowgirl has convinced her to go yet…) We went to the outlets and I found some shirts to help get the girls through the rest of the summer. So cute! (And cheap, thank goodness.)

Wednesday – Relaxation. Lots of playing outside, reading, and playing Bang! (an addictive and fun card game.) Dovy, Me, Lindsay, Sam, Becky, Frank, Kathryn, and Sami all tubed down the river. It was a very cold and fun affair. I swore that I wouldn’t get my hair wet because I had just taken one treasured shower that morning (after doing Kenpo X with Uncle Curtis.) However, Sam told me that the river would do its work, and sure enough, I was attacked by a tree and my tube flipped my right over. We celebrated Grandpa’s 75th birthday and read out 75 memories written by all.

Thursday – We were supposed to have a Talent Show that evening but the piano there needed a lot of help. (Sorry, but it did.) What was originally a half-hour project to fix a few broken keys turned into an 8-hour affair! Dovy opened it up and the whole thing ballooned. Uncle Frank pitched in and the three of us fixed the broken action parts (replacing end hammer mechanisms with middle mechanisms). Dovy also mended and oiled the player-piano parts so that they would stop squeaking. I also took it upon myself to tune the entire thing! It took three hours just to do that. (No, it’s not perfect, please don’t judge, just know that I tried my best – it’s about all you can do with a wrench and a really old piano.) We enjoyed an amazing Talent Show that evening, though. The piano sounded wonderful! Somehow I got it into my head that it would be cool to dance Thriller dressed as glowstick people. The Frank Wolthuis family agreed and the 8 of us (sorry, Laura – who’s on a mission) did an awesome dance and had a blast with it!

Friday – Time to clean up and go home. :( We did four loads of laundry just that night and there was a little pile of dirt in the shower when we finished cleaning up. Totally. Worth. It.
Saturday – The fun didn’t quite stop with a family pool party up at my Aunt Sandra’s pool. So much fun to see everyone one last time. We came back last night and have all taken three-hour naps today. :)

Hank, Sami, Caleb, Anjali, and Charlie
My cousins with my little girl.
Doesn’t get much better than that!

Anjali riding Gracie all by herself!
Curtis was always close by, though.

Curtis taking Anjali out over and over again.
How she loves horses (and zebras. Notice the resemblance between
the two types of animals?)

Sami (Mo’s daughter) and Elli

Dovy and Anjali on the river –
they didn’t even fall in!

Mo and Elli, the Angel Baby.
Grandpa calls her a “Living Doll.”

Good morning, Elli!
Did we mention that 6AM is an unearthly hour
when you’re on vacation?
(I know a lot of you moms wake up with your kids
at this time every day, but I don’t, so I’m complaining.)

Feeding the horses on the Ranch

Anjali thought she was walking
Cooper the whole time.

On the “reeba!”
(Don’t worry, Uncle Pete was just barely out of this shot
and watching her the whole time.)

Elli loves watermelon!
Coincidentally, this high chair has been around for a long time.
My Grandma Wolthuis used to sit in it when she was
a little girl.

Elli and Anjali in the famous Cabin tub!

My Aunts Mo and Nancy and Uncle Curtis
with my little girls.
I have played on this swingset
since I can remember.

Curt and Mo with my babies.
How perfect. Sigh.


All of the guts of the player piano
sprawled out on the living room floor.
Go, Dovy!

Our talent – personally choreographed dance to
Thriller as glowstick people.
Dovy, Lindsay, Natalie, Kathryn, Max, Becky, Sam, and Frank
We rocked it!!!

My little family at Sandra’s pool!
Elli was one giant prune by the time we were finished
and we had to drag Anjali out. She even jumped off
the diving board with help from her older cousins and uncles.

Half of the gang (the other half had already taken off.)
Caleb, Pete, Hank, Elli, Dovy, Mwah, Anjali, Curtis, Jake, Mo, and Nancy

All of us!
My amazing, wonderful family.
Thanks for a fantabulous week!