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15 Jul Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Early
Ugh. I am done. 3 Day Potty Training is retarded. The method is supposed to work for nighttime/daytime/poo and pee. Yeah, right. Not for Anjali Paukstys. She refuses to even try #2 in the potty. We’ve had a lot of tantrums about it this week. She tells me she needs to go and then gets mad when she goes to the bathroom on her volition to try. She’s got #1 down perfectly (yay!!!) except for at naptime and nighttime. I have followed the program to a T, and I am exhausted. I have never done so much laundry, been covered in so much human waste, and been so aggravated. You better believe that Anjali has only seen my positive side about this because I’ve been bound and determined to do so. However, it hasn’t stopped me from venting and huffing and puffing about it when she’s asleep. I know all of you out there who have done this are probably nodding your heads and saying, “Yeah, I know how you feel. You should have seen when…” Don’t tell me about it. Just feel sorry for me, okay? I need it right now. (Tell me later when I can handle it.) I’m blitzed. Thanks.
Frazzled Mommy

P.S. You won’t be hearing from us until the following Sunday (which is why I am posting early this week.) We are going to a family reunion starting tomorrow for an entire week. I’m really excited for it! Should be fun to have 27 people in a one-bathroom/one-outhouse Cabin for the next week… right?

Dig it.

My puppy.
I missed her so much while we were in Colorado
and I’m going to miss her so much while we’re at the Cabin.

Eating pistachios – again.

My first teeny tiny ponytail!!!
Don’t you love it?

Eating again.
And refusing to smile for the camera.

Dressed up for Bollywood Night with
the Colvins. Amy and I have been dear friends
for the past six years.