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11 Jul Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Paw-tay
On Monday, we took a trip to Denver’s Bass Pro Shop. Anjali loved seeing the “fishes” and the “ammals” there. She is such a little poser, as you will see below. She suckered us into buying a pink cowgirl hat, and Aunt Becky bought her a pair of Tinkerbell sunglasses. Little star in the making!

On Wednesday, we bade farewell to our family and took a flight back home. We made it back in one piece and with all of our luggage. However, on the way there, Southwest broke one of our borrowed luggages and wouldn’t let us claim it. Lame. So, before we left, my Uncle Frank sutured up the suitcase with some of my Aunt Becky’s leftover medical supplies. It held perfectly! Thanks, Frank!

We have been recuperating since then. I, unfortunately, caught a cold while we were there, and I am still trying to get rid of a chesty cough. The girls and Dovy now have some of the same signs that they are working on getting out of their systems.

On Friday, I somehow got it into my head that Anjali needed to officially potty-train and be finished with diapers/pull-ups once and for all. I put her in undies on Friday and she did spectacularly until the evening – five major accidents and I was exhausted. Amidst screaming, I almost washed my hands of the ordeal. However, a friend came to my aid and suggested Potty Training in 3 Days, a supposedly surefire method that involves nothing but positive reinforcement. The manual went along with my parenting strategies very well, so I was determined to not give up when I talked to Dovy about it. Thus, began our Potty Weekend.

Yesterday actually went fairly well. After a few more accidents in the morning, we made it through the day with only one other accident. She did wet the bed right before waking up this morning, but I checked on her throughout the night and she stayed dry the whole time. She hasn’t had a single accident today and she’s doing fabulously well! Now, if only we can convince her to do #2 in the potty… I gave her a “Magical Pooing Wand.” We shall see. The method claims that children will be night-trained, naptime-trained, and poo-trained all at the same time. I’ll let you know, but in the meantime, pray for us!

Kathryn and her mini-me
Seriously, their baby/toddler pictures are identical.

Anjali in all her splendor

You can see Elli’s two bottom teeth here!

Max and Anjali

10 months old!
Can’t believe I’ll be planning a one-year birthday party
in a month.
Wow. I don’t want her to grow up.