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You Are Not Allowed to Read This Post If You Freak Out :)

27 Jun Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on You Are Not Allowed to Read This Post If You Freak Out :)
You Are Not Allowed to Read This Post If You Freak Out :)

Busy week! Quick recap:

– Elli got her second tooth! She is working on the two bottom ones now.
– I had my birthday on Tuesday. Dovy found a babysitter (Thanks, Nina!) and stole me away to Salt Lake for Cheesecake Factory. He surprised me by also getting me an iPhone! (Great deal for it.) What a wonderful day to turn 25! Also had Tucano’s with some friends that night – I was extremely sick the next morning from all the sugar and heavy foods.
– Molly, the little Dachshund that we had found last week, showed back up at our door twice. Her owners keep on coming to get her and she just keeps showing up! We still love her little personality.
-We left on a 6:45AM flight on Thursday to come to Denver for a little vacation! (Well, it’s vacation for me, Dovy is still working his trash off. It was mostly so I could have some stuff to do while he gets his nose to the grind – and I needed time out of Utah.) hehe

And now, the big thing. But, you promised not to freak out if you read this post. So, if you’re going to get all concerned and upset, stop reading. No stressing. Promise. Everything is okay. Now let me explain.

On Friday, my cousin, Lindsay, and I were just wrapping up our work-out, when Elli crawled over and started whining. I cooed to her and told her I loved her and it was okay, and that I’d pick her up soon (this is usually how she communicates that she wants to be held.) All of the sudden, Elli looked at me with this funny face, froze, and her lips started turning blue. Her face immediately did the same. She was a blue splotchy color as I reached to pick her up (this all happened in about three seconds as I was looking at her.) Immediately, she flopped over into my hands and passed out. I panicked. Somehow, though, I was able to keep cool enough to handle the situation. I laid her down on the floor and realized she was not breathing. My initial thought was, “Oh my gosh! Do I remember how to do CPR on a baby?” And then I immediately thought that I’d better make sure her airway was clear and put her down in my hand and did the Heimlich on her. She came to right after that and her face cleared and her breathing returned. She was fairly shaken up, as was I. I immediately called Dovy to come take a look at her.

The weird thing about all of this: she did not seem to be choking at any time. Nothing came out of her mouth when I did the Heimlich. We looked all around the room and finally found a little pill that looked like Tylenol (no evidence of her touching it, though.) We called poison control and they suggested we take her to the ER, just in case. We explained the situation and they took x-rays and a urine sample. The doctor listened to her heart for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, she took off her stethoscope and informed us that she heard a slight heart murmur. I was not too surprised to hear this, as I have one myself. However, considering this murmur had never been heard before, she asked that we stay the night in the hospital for observation. Dovy and I were shocked. Argh.

Let me just say, hospital stays with a baby are horrible. Second, they really wreak when your baby breaks a tooth during the night (not even kidding – she didn’t have it on Friday, and she had a new one on Saturday morning before we left!) Third, cribs should not look like prison cells. Even babies aren’t fooled.

Elli was a trooper. They don’t know what was wrong. They said to keep a watchful eye on her and get her heart murmur checked out when we return home. They did say that it was soft and probably something she would grow out of. All in all, we are just fine. :) It has actually been a huge blessing to be here with my Uncle Frank and his family. Everyone has been super helpful and supportive and it was really nice to know that Anjali was with them while we stayed in the hospital. All the doctors loved Elli. She has a penetrating gaze and a serious little face when she’s meeting people. They thought she was absolutely adorable. As the tech said, “Cutest baby of the day, hands down, by far!” Glad she’s just fine, but we’ll be watching her even more closely from now on.

My Beautiful Jewelry
(Thanks, Aunt Nancy!)

Which one is Daisy?*

My girls** in the Pack n’ Play.
They’re always happier when they’re together.

Elli with Potatohead lips.
I couldn’t get this picture just right,
but she was cute nonetheless.

A classic Wolthuis pose.
(My shirt makes me look fat –
Anjali got blood on my other one.)

Uncle Frank and Anjali
(People at church thought she was his
granddaughter because of their red hair.)

Uncle Frank playing Bang!, our new
favorite card game. (Thanks, Sam!)
Frank actually pulled out a gun to
commemorate the event.
(It was not loaded, don’t worry.)

Daddy with his littlest.
She had a heart and oxygen monitor attached
to her the entire time we were there.

Don’t be fooled by my smile.
I was very angry to be in here.
I was just smiling because Mom and Dad
finally succumbed to the cuteness
and got me out.

Mommy and her little Angel-baby.

Waiting to get out of the hospital…

And I’m still smiling!
What a good little girl.

*Daisy is the Dachshund on the left – and if you know me at all,
you would have guessed by the red collar.
**Sorry there aren’t more pictures of Anjali this week. Elli kinda
stole the limelight with her trip to the ER.