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20 Jun Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Stray
Thus, the swimming excursion has drawn to a close. Thank goodness. That really threw off our iron-clad schedule (or not so iron-clad.) Elli has turned into a little beast this week partly because of it, but I’m positive it’s mostly because she’s teething. Anjali, as well. She got her first two-year molar right around Daddy’s birthday and I think she’s close to another. Two teethers. Woo-hoo! We’re glad that we had the chance to do swim lessons, but I think the girls were about finished. Anjali’s lips would turn blue halfway through the lesson because she has not one ounce of fat on her – lucky. How did she get those genes and I didn’t? They must be swimming around inside of me somewhere, dormant forever…

Dovy’s been busy with meetings all week. He’s keeping up with work and family like the Dad that he is. Happy Padre’s Day to Dovy! He’s the best Daddy for our little family and I’m so grateful we have him here with us. A big shout to all those dadas out there! You’re amazing!

So, here’s the rest of our week, in a rather large nutshell:

Yes, today I had the chance to sample the purple crayon.
I wore the same outfit to commemorate the event.
Thank you largely.

Swimming! Don’t you just love me?

Pretty in Purple
(Ix-nay on the ink-pay)

Getting ready to swim. Now, here’s a story:
This was right before Daddy jumped into the pool with his keys in his pocket. Thankfully, the key fob still worked after it was dried.
This was also the day before Daddy jumped into the pool with his iPhone in his pocket. Yeah. I said iPhone. Yes, it croaked. Dovy lovingly referred to it as his “$600 vibrating brick,” seeing as it wouldn’t stop doing so after it’s initial contact with its watery grave.
Dovy scheduled an appointment with Mac to get a $200 replacement for his phone. Somehow, the stars aligned, the planets collided, and Pluto became a planet again, and for some reason, the lady at the desk decided to waive the $200 fee and he was able to get a new phone for FREE. Thank you, Mac Genius. You are #1 in my book right now (yes, right after Dovy, my kids, and the dog – don’t worry.)

Getting ready to swim – not blue yet!

Elli would NOT smile.

Crazy hair!

I squeeze my eyes shut when Mommy tells
me to smile for the camera.

Daddy and Daughter.
She looks like a Chipette to me here.
Notice the black smudge on her nose?
Don’t ask.

This is NOT Daisy. Would you believe it?

Last really interesting story of the week:
Just kidding. Here it is:

So, on Monday, our neighbor brought over this little dog, asking if I had lost mine. Seeing as I was holding Daisy in my arms, he concluded immediately that he was in the wrong place. However, he lived in an apartment and the dog had been wandering the neighborhood for a little while. We offered to take her… and fell in love. She was a little sweetheart. We bathed her and fed her. The kids loved her and Daisy had found a new best friend. I had twin dogs running around the house for the night! In the morning, I posted on KSL and all the pet websites around. Called Animal Control and the pet shelters. Nobody was looking for her. The pet shelter suggested we bring her in so that her owners could locate her. I reluctantly took her in, not wanting her to be lonely. Our hearts had already been stolen. She was a sweet little thing and we decided that if nobody came and picked her up after three days and she went up for adoption, we would take her in. I checked every day (because I hate waiting) to see if her owners had come. The night that we were going to give the final word, I called in. Her owners had just come in. They were so glad to have her back. I’m really glad that we took her in. If my little Daisy had been lost, that’s what I would have wanted. ;) We will get another Dachshund within the next five years, though. Don’t you worry. So, here’s a pic of Daisy so you can compare:

Crazy, huh?

Mommy painting Anjali’s toenails.
I had left my supplies out the night before and she came right in
the next morning, sat down, and asked me to get started. :)