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13 Jun Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Swimming!
A typical morning this week: I wake up, nurse Elli, feed Anjali a light breakfast and then announce that it’s time to get ready. Anjali starts jumping up and down and shouting, “Sinning! Sinning! Sinning!” She immediately rips off her clothes (and for the first time, her pajama shirt included). Diaper comes off instantly and she runs to the potty to go one last time – without me even asking her to. Each little girl fits into her “sinning” suit easily and I cram my post-partum almost-there body into mine. And then we depart. Yes, this week marked the beginning of our swimming lessons. (No, we’re not “sinning.”)

Both girls LOVE the water. Frankly, I am very impressed that Anjali remembers swimming from last summer, but I shouldn’t be surprised that she still loves it. And Elli is just as much a water-baby as her sister. She can already kick and hold her breath under water for a second. Anjali can hold hers long enough to go to the bottom (4 feet) and touch it. I’ve been getting help from a good friend and Dovy was able to even come down one day! They love it! (But secretly, I’ll be glad when it’s over – chlorine smells so bad to me.)

That’s the biggest event in our lives this week. Other than that, we’ve just been running errands and waiting out the cold weather. Oh! Wait! How could I forget??? We’re well on our way to a yard! We FINALLY finished fixing the foundation leak! We had it mortared a week ago and paid to get a load of gravel put into the hole to prevent further leakage. As for that massive pile of dirt in our front yard? Well. We’re being sneaky about it. We leveled off the gravel pit and we are now using the remainder to create a 5% gradient in the backyard so we won’t have any flooding there, either. Tricky, huh? I know you’re jumping up and down with excitement. I am – or did, when it was all moved. We’ve had that pile of dirt there for several months and it was also there in the fall when we first tried fixing the leak. Joy of joys!

Anjali loves her sister so much.
It’s so refreshing to see them having fun together!

Anjali’s new way of smiling at the camera.

Elli is a crawling genius already.
She’s already tried pulling herself up on things.
Wow. Stay little, my baby.
I already miss you.

I’m so tired. Church is exhausting.
Why aren’t I napping already??

My little model.
She is totally his daughter.
How I love them.