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Happy Birthday, Daddy!

06 Jun Posted by | 3 comments
Dovy celebrated his 28th year this week. Wow. What an old man. I spent a few days cooking with Anjali. She is such a devoted little helper in the kitchen. She calls cooking by the name of “One-Two” because whenever I measure things, I count out loud, “One… Two…” She’s hilarious.

On Memorial Day, we took a little picnic to a park up the canyon. It was fun to watch the kids run off some steam (well, Elli just ate energy because that’s all she did at the park.) There is nothing more satisfying than seeing my little girls play together.

It was a milestone week for Elli! Her first tooth made its first debut on Daddy’s birthday! (Lower front right.) I’m really going to miss her gummy little smile. :( She also made her first forward advances in crawling. She has been able to go backwards for quite some time now. She can go all the way down the hall if she wants. However, she did it – little inches forward this week. Yay, Elli!

Anjali is staying busy, as usual. That little kid is constantly on fast forward. I get tired just watching her bounce off the walls. But, she’s fun, funny, and amazing. How I love my little ones.

On Saturday, I tried the most delectable recipe of Indian Butter Chicken! I can’t wait to perfect it on my next try. It was delicious! As soon as I finish one more round of it, I’ll (maybe) post the recipe. We love Bollywood! (So glad the new Bollywood Market is open down the street – woohoo!)

My “little” brother came to visit today. He is serving in the Air Force and is stationed down at Nellis, north of Las Vegas. It was fun to see him and watch his nieces love him. :)

Playing with Anjali’s “Tain”

Mommy and her girls.
(My face looks fat in this picture
because Anjali is choking me and pushing my
cheeks up.)

Measuring cup, eh?

How can you not love those cheeks?

Popping bubbles

Stuffing my little face.
Hey, if you had just learned how, you would, too.


Natalie, come help me. NOW.

Anjali helping to make El Diablo –
The Great Big Turtle Cheesecake of Death.

Aunt Kristi and her little nieces

Taylor and Dovy:
The Geeks.
They are what keep SharingTime up and running.

Daddy with His Little Girls

Mommy! Save me!

Anjali, Dovy, Mwah, Michael, and Elli

Michael and His Little Nieces

This was to die for – but I had to save their dignity. :)

  1. Mark06-07-10

    Mmmm. El Diablo. Anjali and Elli are cute as ever! Happy Birthday to Dovy!

  2. Cecily06-08-10

    Happy Birthday, Dovy!!

    Your kitchen is so beautiful! I remember the pictures of the original kitchen and–WOW!–it's sure different! I can't wait for a nice kitchen of my own….

    You look gorgeous and your girls are adorable. I love the picture of them eating together at the park. And that bath picture? So cute!

  3. Brianna and Byron Putnam06-10-10

    you take such great pictures!! Your little girls are WAY too cute :)

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