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30 May Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Piano

It has been a big week! First the drudgery, and then we’ll move onto the happiness.

I started out with a weird earache last Saturday, which progressed to a massive headache/earache by Monday. I was only able to sleep on Sunday night after a 3:30AM Priesthood blessing. I finally asked Dovy to schedule a doctor’s appointment for me. Twenty hot packs later, a load of Extra Strength Tylenol, and two days of laying down, the doctor told me my ears looked completely fine. I was a bit shocked at this point and also quite annoyed. Then what was it?? Apparently, TMJD (Temporomandibular Jaw Disorder – see struck with a vengeance this weekend. Possibly from a combination of orthodontia, clenched teeth at night, and childbearing years, my jaw went into panic this weekend. I was unknowingly causing more pain during this time because I kept on using my jaw. Crazy, huh? I’ve been told in the past that I had this problem, but I have never had it flare up like this before. I could compare it to labor pains (before the epidural.) I couldn’t believe that this is what was causing all the pain. I am on a soft foods diet right now, and I’m weaning off of anti-inflammatory medication. I also have this mouth guard to wear at night, but every time I try it, I feel like I’m going to choke…

Anyway, on to the good stuff! We got our piano this week!!! Joy of joys! Let me give some background. Sometime in the 1930’s, my great-great Granny Fullmer ordered an Emerson-Angelus piano from Boston and had it shipped to Utah, where it was placed in the family Cabin upon its completion. It stayed there, a monument to music, until the 1970’s, when someone broke into the Cabin and stole out the player-piano parts. (Weird, huh?) Fast forward… Three years ago (that’s an oxymoron, isn’t it?) my Uncle George found another functioning player piano and decided to replace the one at the Cabin so that the joys of the non-musically-talented could be rekindled (hehe – no offense to anyone out there; I’m just trying to make this more interesting.) Uncle George, somewhere along his journey, came in contact with a man that ran the gas station in Oakley. The gentleman said to stick the old Cabin piano in his garage if my uncle didn’t have any plans for it. So, off went the Emerson.

I found out about this and was a little bummed. I had loved and adored that piano. “Ah, well,” I thought. “Pianos come and go.” Dovy, however, being of sound mind and insane determination, decided that we needed to get the piano back. After a collection of trips to the Cabin/Oakley, long story very shortened, we bought another piano for the friendly gas station owner and replaced it in exchange for the old Cabin piano. We put the Emerson in storage at a friend’s until they had to move. Then, Dovy contacted a piano restoration specialist and offered trade for the fixing up of our piano. Vince, the specialist, carted our piano off and has been taking care of it for the last two and a half years. Because it was a trade, ( – Dovy is still working on the website), we said we could wait as long as necessary. Well, this week, Vince gave Dovy a call and said it was ready! And now it’s sitting in my living room, sounding as beautiful as ever, with all of my Cabin memories piled up into one neat 700 pound box!



The girls LOVE the piano. It is such a beautiful memory and keepsake for our home. We’re so grateful that we were able to locate it and bring it back with us. If you know me at all, you’ll know that I am one of the most sentimental people in the world, so this piano means a lot to me. I had to move a lot as a kid and the one place I can remember with clarity more than any other constant is the Fullmer-Heiner Cabin. How I love that place and the people who have gone before. Bless Granny Fullmer for bringing the piano to the Cabin so it could be here now. (I hope I got all the stories straight – correct me if I’m wrong!)

So, here’s to the Emerson-Angelus (the latter half of the name denotes the player parts that once existed… here’s to the rat that stole them – Go Eat Dirt.) :)

On Friday, we hired a few people to work on our lawn. It was getting pretty gnarly. Rodolfo dug under the bushes in our front yard (we have a HUMONGOUS pile of dirt on our lawn – and it’s been there for way too long) so we could fix a foundation leak. We think we might have finally reigned it in. Cross your fingers! Brian and his son, Clint, worked on the rest of the yard, trimming, digging, and re-seeding so we could save our lawn from all the digging we’ve done between the sprinkler system input and the foundation leak.

Yesterday (Saturday) was an eventful day, as well. Dovy got a Construction Bug and went to work immediately. After having taped and puttied the walls in the hall closet for our Date Night on Friday (yeah, we’re so cool), Dovy sanded and painted. The hall closet is now finished!!! All closets are now complete upstairs. (All of our crown molding was installed two weeks ago.) Dovy also went to work on a dining room chandelier that we had just never had the time to put in. We both finished up the evening (after the girls were in bed) with installing the last of the cover panels in the kitchen. We only have a few little projects of improvement left for the upstairs. Most everything is functional and, at least, presentable now! So happy about that. It’s been a good week. :)

We visited with the Curtis Wolthuis family last Sunday.
Elli is here with her cousin, Jake, on a massive stuffed tiger.

This is how we caught Elli sleeping this week.
She didn’t even wake up while we were taking this picture,
which is unusual for her.
Tired? Obviously.

Anjali on the new piano!

Daddy and his girls

We were given this hymnbook by Dovy’s
first Mission President at our wedding.
We have waited since we opened it to put it on a piano –
and here it is!

A Joseph’s Coat rose from the garden

Our new chandelier!
(Sounds so Jane Austen, doesn’t it?)

I ate a crayon –
and I LOVED it!!!