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23 May Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Special
This week has actually been rather uneventful. We are back in the regular swing of things. Dovy is simply back to work and I am simply back to helping our little girls grow up. I can’t believe I have two daughters – and they remind me of myself in different ways. Anjali is super independent (I was known for this as a child.) Elli is very observant and calm. (I was more like this as I got older.) When they smile, I see both Dovy and me. And they are the best of friends. I can’t stop saying this. I can’t believe how much they love each other.

When I found out I was having a girl, I was terrified! Most of the sisters I have been acquainted with (and you know who you are) have gone through rather interesting love/hate relationships. It pinned me to the wall with fear. How was I going to handle the drama? How was I going to deal with the overwhelming swell of estrogen, when I only had a brother? We’re getting on quite well, actually. Sometimes I see glimpses into the future: “Mom, why does SHE get asked out and I don’t?” “Mom, Elli stole my clothes again!” “Mom, why does Anjali have ____ and I don’t?” “She kissed my boyfriend!” “She married my fiance!” I can just see it now.

But sometimes, I see really special moments, too. Telling secrets late at night that only they will know. Serving missions right after the other. Sharing an apartment at college. One as a Maid of Honor for the other. Best friends for always. I don’t know what the future will bring for the two of them, but somehow, I just can’t see either of them being far away from the other. Anjali has an uncanny ability to make Elli laugh. Whenever we pray for dinner, Anjali will literally get out of her seat, use all her strength to pull Elli’s highchair next to hers, climb back into her seat, and then reach out and hold her sister’s hand before bowing her head. (I was super worried about Anjali’s reaction to another baby in the house, but for some unearthly reason, her feelings have been completely opposite.) They are getting to the point where they really keep each other company. (Yay for more freedom for Mama!!!) I hear them laughing in their room for at least an hour after we’ve put them down to bed. It’s really bright outside still, so they stay awake for a little while. Anjali used to lay there and fall asleep. Now that the sun stays up so much longer and they share a room, Elli laughs around her binkie while Anjali spouts out unknown monologues to her. I love it. I love them. They are my little rays of sunshine. I’m so grateful that Dovy has made it possible so I could be a stay-at-home mother. It’s hard. It’s tough. Sometimes I wonder what the heck I’m doing. But I’m here. They’re here. And it is my mission to help them through until they’re ready to go off on their own.

We got brave and put Anjali’s toddler rail back on.
So far, so good. She’s only climbed into Elli’s crib once.

Mom. She’s choking me.
Don’t you see me suffering?

Elli doesn’t need the baby bathtub anymore!
They both ADORE bathtime now.

Anjali’s fort – Mr. Potatohead, books, and Elli included.

My cousin, Laura, bought these sunglasses for
Anjali before she left for her mission.
Now, Anjali and Elli wear them!
Hot stuff.

Eating a Biter Biscuit for the first time.
Elli is at the end of the learning curve on
most things – except eating!
She is a chewing, biting, swallowing, eating champ –
teeth not included.