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Off to the Grandparents’ House We Go

16 May Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Off to the Grandparents’ House We Go
Off to the Grandparents’ House We Go

Yeah, cheesy title. I know. :)

So, this week we all caught colds and had runny noses. Ugh. Thank goodness the sickness only lasted a few days and was not that bad. However, it did give me a chance to slow down a little and relax. I know my weight loss will be nonexistent this week because of the lack of cardio exercise, but I’m still working hard on the intake… except for the fact that I had cookies at Grandma’s tonight… hehe

We decided to make a little trek up to Ogden this weekend. It had been way too long since we had seen my grandparents (we tried to make it a dual trip up to Logan to see Dovy’s grandpa, as well, but he ended up going out of town – will try again later.) It has been such a wonderful weekend with G & G. Our girls love them so much and Anjali is quite literally a show-stopper. We will head back down to Provo tomorrow evening so that Dovy can get back on the work bandwagon.

And, without further ado, here’s our week:

Love the hair. Embrace the hair. Like, totally.

STILL not wanting to take pictures.
I have to sneak up on her.

Playing together

At the Duck Pond

Love her!

And her, too. :)


This old little drumset of Anjali’s is the new hit in our house.
I can recite all of the songs it plays.

The Paukstys Girls
On a side note, Anjali said “Paukstys” for the first time this week.
Along with “Daddy-das” instead of “Daddy.”

Viva Italia!

Grandma and her great-granddaughter

Wearing Grandpa’s Pirate Patch

Making Peanut-Butter Kiss Cookies with Grandma

And the verdict of the kiss cookie is (since everyone tends to
eat them differently in our family):
Anjali only eats the chocolate!

Grandpa and his two great grandbabies