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The Mother of All Posts

09 May Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on The Mother of All Posts
The Mother of All Posts

So, for Mother’s Day, Dovy decided to take the entire weekend to spoil me. BEST. HUSBAND. EVER. :) More to come as I progress through this massive entry.

“Let’s start from the very beginning, a very good place to start…” It all began with Monday. After Dovy’s harrowing week in Salt Lake and my endeavors to be SuperMom, Dovy took Monday off to spend time with his estrogen – er – women. :) We took a fantastic super-de-duper trip to Utah’s Hogle Zoo for the first time ever! We have wanted to take Anjali for well over a year now. (Now that we finally took her for her first trip, we are ready to line up additional zoo dates with all of you who have wanted to take her in the past.) A picture is worth a thousand words. So, I’ll let these tell our story:

Getting ready to go. Rawr!!!

On the “twain.”
So glad Anjali had the chance to ride on a “real one.”


“Monny! Mon!” (Mommy, c’mon!)
(She JUST learned how to say Mommy this week – correct
consonants and everything.)

Melman – from Madagascar!
(And don’t any of you try to tell her otherwise –
it would break her heart.)

I want Melman!


Nice kitty.
(Yeah, I know – unoriginal. But I’m getting tired…)

Please. Please let me out of this glass box.
You look like a sucker. You’ll do it. I know you will.

Oh, come on. You know you wanna.
I’ll trade you an orange slice.

“Ditty!” (Kitty – and that’s exactly what it
looks like.) Dovy wanted to take it home with us.
Mommy said “no.”

Daddy and Daughter

Mommy and Elli.
Timeless, too.
That’s why it’s in sepia tones.

Apparently, my daughter is the size of a juvenile ape.
And I am the size of an Adult Male.

And Daddy’s hand is actually smaller than an ape’s.
Congrats, Dad. I was wrong on that account. :)

Don’t you just love him?
C’mon. I know you’re jealous of that face.
I get to see it everyday.

And the souvenir Anjali left with?
Melman!!! She is never without him now.
Great leverage, I’m tellin’ ya.

And the following eleven pictures are what our blog post would have looked like if we hadn’t been to the Zoo and had Mother’s Day all in the same week:

Elli and her Daddy

This is what Anjali looks like when she doesn’t want a picture.
And she’s been doing that a lot.
She is two and a half years old here!

My long Daisy-dog on a long pillow

So happy! (And she loves books.)
Anna – if you ever see this, yes, that is the one you bought me
for my baby shower with Anjali. :)

No. I will ignore you. No pictures, please.

A quick smile before…

…I hide behind the toy box.
(Melman in hand – don’t worry, she still
sleeps with Nemo, too.)

I HATE getting my nails cut!
Much wailing, flailing, and general gnashing of teeth.
It does not matter WHAT we do.

I caught her eating raspberries the way I
used to eat olives.

I feed myself!
Yay for auto-pilot!

Our new MonsterSak (bought from our cousins.)
LOVE the awesome hair-do, Anjali.
Thought we were done, huh? NOPE. Friday was the beginning of the most spoiled adventure I have ever had in my life! On Friday evening, Dovy set off to “run an errand.” Obligingly, I took the little offspring to the park. After finally getting everything gathered (it takes three-four times longer with two little ones to go ANYWHERE) we made it to the park, just in time for Daddy to drive up with my cousin, Janette. He asked me to give Janette my house keys and then grabbed my hand, only to direct me towards the car. I was quite confused at this point. Dovy started the engine and informed me that I was going shopping. Now, for those of you who don’t know, I have not allowed myself to buy any single item of clothing (not even shoes) until I finish my exercise chart. However, Dovy told me that Mother’s Day does not count, that it will be a day that didn’t even exist on my exercise chart. No having to use up a Cheat Day, no excuses for anything. I was going shopping and would be allowed one killer outfit. Despite my protests, he then spent the next THREE hours shopping with me. I did find a “killer outfit” and shoes to go with it! He then took me to Olive Garden for dinner!

Saturday was wonderful, too. Even though Dovy had to work (he ALWAYS works on Saturdays) he took the time in the afternoon to go with me to get some shopping done. You know you’re OCD when you come home with organizing supplies and get a kick out of it! (Thanks for all of that, too, my Dovydas.)

Sunday was the epitome of perfection. I woke up to a real pearl necklace and earrings to match. For those of you who don’t know me, I am NOT a real jewelry kind of person. I love costume jewelry, rhinestones, beads, glass, long and dangle-y. However, I will treasure these pearls. They looked smashing with my new outfit. (And the haircut again, Linds – looked soooo awesome!) Ta-da! Here’s my dress!

Can’t see the shoes, but they are amazing, too.
I was excited because I can wear this when I lose more weight
AND when I’m insanely huge in my third trimester. (No, I’m not pregnant
but I’m sure we’ll have another someday.)

After Church, I came home to homemade crepes. I LOVE crepes and I rarely let myself eat them because of this diet/exercise thing. However, Mother’s Day DID NOT COUNT and thus I was forced into eating them. Literally. The fork moved into my mouth without me even having the time to think about it. So delicious! Sunday naps were in order. (Thank you, baby girls, for letting me sleep a little!) After hours of Mother’s Day calls, we finally put our Little Ladies to bed and Dovy made me Four Cheese Pasta (a fabulous and fattening Italian recipe that I absolutely salivate over, which I have not had for nearly a year now.) And now, I am finishing up this humongous post and Dovy is making Creme Brulee as I type. I have never had so many calories in one day, but I am praying that I purge everything and start afresh tomorrow.

So, the Queen is finally signing off now. If you made it to the end of this post, you’ll know that I am now an overnight millionaire, as well, and will be accepting applications for grant money starting Monday morning.

My girls on Mother’s Day morning.
Anjali loves it when we put her sister in her bed.
Elli just wanted to be fed.

8 months old today!
(AND she said “Mama” for the first time this week –
no other vowel sounds or consonants came before it, just screeching
and silent happiness. I was beginning to think she was mute.)

LOVE the little toes!
(And thanks again for the dress, Madre – I LOVE it!)

Our crepe spread. Dovy set those bananas out all by himself.
Isn’t he adorable?

Hope you enjoyed this! (And nah, just kidding. But at least you read it, right?)