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02 May Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on M.I.A.
Dovy was missing in action this week. He spent the entire week commuting up to SLC every day to be a part of the national genealogical convention. Things went really well. will be working with SharingTime (the company Dovy is building); myriads of other companies were interested in what they were up to, as well. I’m very excited for him!

Anjali and Elli are growing quickly… as usual. The only downer for the week is that I have found that Elli is allergic to something, but I’m not sure what. She’s had a reaction for several days so I am starting back at the starting line with her solids to see what it is. Other than that, the girls are still best little friends and I absolutely love being their mama.

I spent the week helping my cousins move, keeping up the house, running the kids around, making meals, and supporting Dovy. (The girls and I even made it for a quick trip to the convention to make sure Daddy was staying busy.) :)

My cousin, Lindsay, trimmed Anjali’s hair and gave me a fabulous haircut (I recommend her to everyone and anyone!) I am exceptionally happy with the cut – thanks, Lindz! Pictures below. :)

Here’s to another great week!


My happy baby with her daddy

Anjali’s picked up a new hobby:
peeling all the paper off her crayons.
I finally had to pull out the trashcan for her
because I was tired of the scraps.

Dovy in his SharingTime garb

Bathtub Baby

Dovy’s booth at the convention
(He was commissioned by Earl Mott and heads up
a team of other guys.)

She’ll always be my baby.
Love her cut or what?

And now – the moment you have all been anxiously waiting for: my transformation. Somewhat. I finished the 30-day Shred last week. It was awesome! I highly recommend it. But don’t expect it to work without serious diet monitoring. :) I lost a total of 7 pounds (although I gained a LOT of muscle) and almost 6 inches all around! I only have 15 pounds left until I weigh what I did when I was married. Between my two pregnancies, I gained about 75 pounds combined. (I lost a bit with Anjali and then became pregnant with Elli before I could lose it all.) So, after the initial 20 pounds of weight loss the month after Elli was born, I have now burned off an additional 30 pounds! Yay! So, here are the pics from before the Shred and after. Note my awesome new haircut, too.

Pre-30-day Shred
(I know, not a great picture, because I refused to do body pics,
but you can definitely tell in the face, right? Right?)

After my 30-day Shred

I LOVE my haircut!!!