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25 Apr Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Edit
No, the title of this isn’t a mistake. It’s because that’s what my week has been full of – editing! Dovy is getting ready for a big genealogical convention this week. I’ve been editing a lot of material. On top of that, I have been forging ahead in my photo editing training. I have gotten about halfway through the course and am now finally able to edit some of my own photos – some of which you will have the pleasure of viewing. So, editing. That’s what I’ve been doing all week.

I have felt a little bit like a single mom lately. Even though Dovy works from home (in the basement) I have hardly seen him. He’s been working immense hours with other programmers and going to meetings at all hours of the day. On the bright side of things, I have been able to get two dinners out with him! (I told him he owed me.) To keep busy, I have been taking the girls on all of my errands, keeping the house in tip-top shape, exercising, singing, editing, watching my courses online, and reading. It’s been a long week with two little kids almost completely on my own, but after this week, we’ll be able to have Dovy around a little more. We are excited for his conventions. There will be exciting news to share about his company next week, until then – I’m keeping it under wraps.

Anjali and Elli are really getting into schedules now that I don’t have to leave for school in the middle of the day. I have a good hour and a half to myself while they sleep, which is a relief after all the energy that Anjali exudes. I will tell you that I am ready to see them again when they wake up. How I love them.

Another shadow box I made

The tulips in our backyard on their last legs

My little engineers – they come from a long
line of them, ya know.

Content little one

Mmm. Peaches.

My cousin, Kathryn, saying goodbye
before she leaves for the summer.


A sweet moment in my life.
What do you think of the sepia?

Anjali being a little model.
(Grandma – she’s wearing the Aruba tshirt!)