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Two Dates!

11 Apr Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Two Dates!
Two Dates!

This week was super-de-duper awesome because… I had two date nights with my husband!!! And we didn’t just sit at home and watch a movie. Oh no. We actually WENT OUT! Amazing, I know. Thanks to Sam and Lindsay and Mark and Janette (cousins) that watched our little angels while we were out. Saw Divine Comedy (spoofs on Harry Potter 6 and Avatar – hilarious!) and Ballroom Dance’s Encore. So amazing! We had so much fun (and Olive Garden to top it all off.)

On Tuesday, Dovy and I had the chance to perform for the last time together at the BYU Auditioned Choirs Forum (sorry, it wasn’t televised.) It was so much fun this whole year to sing together and share what we love so very much. (AND I’ve lost enough weight to do my last two concerts in my old Women’s Chorus skirt – the one I wore when I was single. Bwah-ha-ha!) I lost 20 pounds in the first month after I had Elli, and I have since lost another 28 pounds! Woo-hoo! Only 12 more days with Jillian and her 30-day shred. I’ll let you know how it goes once I’m finished…

Such a great week! Dovy performed for the last time with Men’s Chorus tonight at the MTC. He is really going to miss the experience. We’ve absolutely loved singing together… might possibly be starting up our quartet again. We shall see how that works out soon… :)

At the Marriott Center, having just performed together

Me in my old WC skirt.
I feel pretty rockin’ right about now.

My adorable tub-a-lub

Anjali did this all by herself

Daisy cuddling by the heater vent because
we accidentally left the heat off all night.
All of us woke up freezing and Daisy
was a wimp about it all day long. :)

Princess Elli

Elli – 7 months old!

Dovy leaving for his MTC Performance

My adorable two-year old