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Easter Week

04 Apr Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Easter Week
Easter Week
I have spent the majority of the week preparing for Easter! It’s been so exciting to celebrate the Atonement of my Savior and to teach my babies about it. We’ve also prepared for General Conference. It was wonderful to hear the teachings of our church leaders and I look forward to reviewing the talks over the next little while. (Dovy had a chance to sing in the Priesthood session of Conference – he’ll post about it for you to see.)

On Friday night we made the trek to Salt Lake for Dovy’s mission reunion. (Barely made it there and back with our tired babies.) It was so nice to see Dovy’s mission president again. Dovy’s first companion was there, too. He hasn’t seen him since his mission.

I spent a few (okay, a lot) of hours preparing food for Easter: lamb, Pasticcio, Spanakopita, Tiropita, Deviled eggs, Greek salad, and Red Velvet Cake (thanks, Bakerella!) I also prepared Fruit Pizza and Quiche for breakfast. I couldn’t have done it without the side-by-side teamwork of my cousin, Kathryn. (Bless you, Katarina!) It was so much fun to bring my Greek heritage into Easter. The traditions are very symbolic and it’s beautiful to see them when you are celebrating this special holiday. I am exhausted, so this post is very uninteresting. Hopefully you will get more out of the pictures…

Our little clan with President and Sister Church

Crepes for Saturday morning Conference!!!

Elli FINALLY learning to be on her tummy for
longer than 2.7 seconds.

Yogurt! Anjali’s favorite food

Just being adorable

Greek Easter Eggs
(Aren’t they gorgeous?)

Anjali feeding Elli for the first time!
Anjali pulled the chair up, got the spoon and the food out,
and started without me even knowing!
(Gagged her a few times before we could finally
teach her how to be gentle.)

The ever-famous Fruit Pizza
(I just love what it looks like after decorating – I can’t
help taking pictures of the ones I do…)

And we woke up to several inches of snow!
Had to bag the outdoor Easter-egg hunt.

Hiding the Easter eggs

Anjali seeing her Easter basket for the first time!
(Can’t tell she loves Tinkerbell, can ya?)

Elli with her chocolate-less Easter basket

Anjali got a book of Tinkerbell stickers in her basket.
Here is an example of her utilization of one of those stickers.

Greek Easter Egg games!
(You crack your eggs with the other people at the table.
The one with the least cracks at the end wins.)

Red Velvet Cake – our new Paukstys family tradition
Red to symbolize our Savior’s atonement, white to symbolize
Christ’s purity and endless love for us in His sacrifice.

Our purple Easter girls

So smiley these days!

Gorgeous and irresistible, as usual

The Paukstys Girls

Our little Easter family