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Happy Holi!

28 Mar Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Happy Holi!
Happy Holi!
It was a rather eventful week. We found out through a course of events that our old tub might be leaking lead into the bath-water. We were told it wasn’t a big deal unless you drink the water… Anjali. (Have tried to stop her from doing that for the last year – you wouldn’t believe how hard it is; she loves it – bubbles and all!) So, we dug into our pockets and forked over the cash to get it refinished. Other things will have to wait, but we really felt it was important to lock the lead in. So, here are the pictures.

Before. The guy had already scrubbed it out with
special chemicals.

After. Still waiting to put the faucets back on.
Had to wait TWO days to shower in it.
(Thanks, Sam and Lindsay, for letting us use your shower.)

The rest of the workweek consisted of Dovy hopping between his laptop and digging trenches in the yard. We happened upon a family at the park the other day that is in need of a website. In exchange, we are getting a sprinkler system and landscape work done! We are super excited about having a nice lawn for the summer… and I’m looking forward to getting it all finished. The chaos drives me nuts. hehe

So, the rest of the week went as follows: preparations for Holi! The Holi Festival (or Festival of Colors) is a celebration in India that brings in the change of the seasons. You get intensely plastered with color and then *voila!* you are a walking rainbow of colored cornstarch. We had a blast with Kathryn and Lindsay (my cousins.) So much fun! After getting all cleaned up, we came home and continued the celebration by cooking an Indian feast (Samosas, Tamarind Sauce, Hari Chutney, Naan, Vegetable Biriyani, Chicken Curry, and Mango Lassis) and watching a Bollywood movie: Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. The girls were decorated in their saris and I even had a skirt to wear! My other cousins, Janette and Mark (and Janette’s roomie, Rin) came, too. It was definitely a cultural experience and we loved every minute!

My sleeping Angel-Baby

Anjali got creative

Our beautiful little home, pre-lawn treatment

The beginning of Holi!
Waiting to throw the colors…
(Lindsay and Kathryn)

Dovy with a fashionable purple spot in his hair

Seconds before we were ready to throw!

And then it begins…

Instantly engulfed – the sun was blotted out for several minutes

The dust starting to settle and the damage assessed

Kathryn – more colors!

And there was the handiwork.
Gorgeous, aren’t we?

Dovy and me, colorful as parrots

Yellow nose

In front of the Krishna Temple

We should start a career in authentic dancing.

Waiting to be blown off with a vacuum

We hitched a ride back to our car in a random pick-up truck.
Thank you to those guys out there!
We were glad not to make the mile-and-a-half walk back.

Sam (Lindsay’s husband) couldn’t make it.
So, we brought Holi to him.
We told Sam that Dovy needed help in the
backyard for a few minutes.
Unsuspectingly, Sam willing obliged.
A few minutes later, we came out and dumped
the rest of our colors on him!
What a good sport.

My Sari Girls

So adorable

Yeah, I’m cute. I know it.

Janette and Rin washing dishes after our indulgences

Cutting mangoes for the Lassi!

Riffer (Kathryn’s roommate and my pet-name for her), Kathryn, Lindsay, me
Janette, Rin