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21 Mar Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Haircut!
As I look back on this last week, I realize how much fun we have! Our family is always busy and doing new things. How lucky am I?

My girls are becoming better friends every day. Anjali wants Elli involved in everything she does – more and more each day. I can’t wait to see them dance and play together. We’ve made several trips to the park. Here is just a little snippet to explain their personalities. Anjali swings and swing and swings and swings and swings, gets off to try out the slide, decides not to at the last minute, begs to swing and swing and swing and swing; when it’s time to go home, she kicks and screams and wiggles and waggles and generally makes the whole park look to see what the mother is doing to her child… Elli sits in the stroller, smiling sweetly, sucking on her hands, and generally loving life. Ta-da! They balance each other out a lot.

Dovy had his last Men’s Chorus concerts this weekend (Friday and Saturday nights.) What a blessing it has been to be in choir this year. Both of us have really enjoyed the experiences we’ve had and we’re going to miss it ever so much. While Dovy was gone on Friday, my cousin, Lindsay, came over. We made gourmet pizzas (Leaning Tower – Brick Oven style, Chicken Alfredo, and Barbecue Chicken.) While we waited for the dough to raise, we decided to cut Elli’s hair. Lindsay is a hairdresser (a fantastic one at that!) and had also given Anjali her first haircut. So, I naturally trusted her to cut my baby’s hair. Elli had three “islands” on her head, and the rest was nearly bald. I’ve waited for the hair to fall out since the day she was born, or for the rest to catch up, but nothing has happened. I decided to give her head a chance to catch up; we cut off her long islands and evened everything out. She looks a lot more like Anjali as a baby: bald. hehe

I had the privilege of seeing Dovy perform on Saturday night. My cousin, Kathryn, came with me. So grateful I had that experience. Dovy and I love to sing, and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to do it again together. What a neat treasure we get to remember now. After the concert, we came home and ate Mexican Fried Ice Cream (IS that even Mexican?) BEST. RECIPE. EVER. If you are interested. Prepare yourself for the calories. I did! I am now doing Jillian’s 30-Day Shred. I am pretty sore, but really excited to do the workout for the next month. Should be good.

Lots of good stuff going on. Getting our tub refinished this week because we found out that old tubs like that release lead when the finish wears off. Fantastic. My two-year old loves to drink the water… Pictures of that for next week! Until then.

Elli, Anjali and Olivia (our friends’ adorable 9-month old)

Heart. Melted. The End.

Love the hair. Embrace the style.

They love being together. Rarely are they ever
in separate rooms from each other.

I nearly cried when we had to cut off the curl.

We put the “first island” in a ponytail and saved it.
It is a tad longer than Anjali’s first cut ponytail!
(Her first haircut being at 2 years.)

And… there it goes.

What do you think of that, Elli?

Patient, as always.

My bald baby
(Pre- 30-day shred. Stay posted for my transformation!

I think that “jam” is synonymous with “make-up.”
Just so ya know.

Anjali was playing with her Cars at the coffee table.
She asked Dovy to put Elli next to her.
When Elli knocked the Cars off, Anjali did, too.
And then she put them back in a line again.
(And yes, I capitalize Cars because it is a brand,
not because I am improperly capitalizing a noun.)

Love my babies so much

Jordan Bobo, Dovy Paukstys, McKay Perkins, Joshua Pluim
Bass, Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Baritone
(Didn’t intend that – haha)

Crazy boys

Fried Ice Cream w/ Jake and Amy Colvin
I took this picture because the way they decorated their ice creams
showed a lot of their personalities. :)
Love them.