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A Trip Down Memory Lane

14 Mar Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on A Trip Down Memory Lane
A Trip Down Memory Lane

I hope that everyone doesn’t mind the father of this little family writing his own blog post. We’ve had quite the busy week. Natalie helped to organize a huge event (the Women’s Chorus solo concert) which ended up selling out the de Jong Concert Hall at BYU. If you want all the juicy tidbits, you best talk to her. After all, I don’t want to steal her thunder.

Anjali is learning how to count quite well. She can almost make the sounds of all the numbers to 20. For fun I asked her to say 99 and she said “ni ni ni ni ni nine.” She’s so adorably cute. We had some friends over tonight with a little girl named Olivia that is a bit older than Elia. Anjali, apparently, is quite excited for a playmate for as this girl’s mother held her up Anjali was doing all she could to take Olivia by the hand and guide her through the house. I can’t wait to see my little girls playing. However, I fear, it will be the source of some suffering on the side of Elia, or rather Anjali will be that source…

Work is well and we’re feeling happy. I am so glad to be where I am. I really hope I don’t disappoint anyone who is counting on me. I am going to do my best as I always do.

Elia pleasant plumpness (thanks for the line Amy) is evening out. She went from 90th percentile of grandeur to a measly 75th. She starting to look less plump and has begun to move around a bit. She’s also picked up one of the more prominent traits of her dear older sister, screaming when she wants something. Ahh, music to my I-Can-Stop-Listening-Because-I-Am-Male-ears and eye twitches to Natalie’s. ;)

As a personaly goal of mine I try to ensure my daughters both get some one on one time with me every day. For those of you who don’t know I have a nickname for each of my little girls. Anjali is and will forever be my princes. Elia is my Angel. Think about that. Let me just tell you the difference between those two names perfectly describes the temperaments of my little girls.

As I was looking at my youngest Elia, I remembered I had posted her first picture on Facebook and I wasn’t sure if everyone saw it. To remedy this I will post it here. I posted at 12:57pm on 9/9/09: “She is born! Elia Mary Paukstys. 7.9 (7.88) pounds! Born 09/9/09 at 12:34 pm. She has dark hair!”

While Natalie was leading up to the birth of our second child I took the liberty, as her husband and eternal companion, to try and lighten her sufferings. I had my trusty laptop and was sending updates to family across the net. I happened upon something that I knew would make Natalie smile. However, in retrospect, this was probably the worst time to do such a thing… while she was in labor… and was asking me to hold her hand. However, I have every confidence that others will find this a quite worthy distraction of their time. So without further ado:

May this bring a a smile to your face. We are doing extremely well and we love you all.