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Tie-Dye and Pistachios

07 Mar Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Tie-Dye and Pistachios
Tie-Dye and Pistachios
Women’s Chorus. That’s what we did all week. Oh, and spring cleaning. I’ve ripped the house apart and put it back together only for it to be a dump this weekend again when Dovy took the ENTIRE Saturday off (for the first time) and worked on our coat closet. Yay! We’re finally going to have a working closet. :)

Anjali and Elli are growing like weeds. Anjali learns more every day, loves Library Time, her Cars, and sitting at the kitchen table like a big girl now. We took her high chair apart, cleaned it, and are ready to introduce solids to Elli this week. Should be exciting! She’s been eying our food for weeks, but we wanted to make sure we waited a while to avoid any allergy problems. Don’t want to go through that again…

So, Women’s Chorus concert this weekend! Saturday, 7:30PM. We’re doing Ice Cream Sundaes at our place afterward. :) I’m really excited to see all the hard work that Dovy and I have instigated become a reality on Saturday. There have been a huge amount of tickets sold and we are all hoping to sell out this week! Please come if you have the time and want to see a super-de-duper awesome concert!

Elli sitting with the help of her hands

Tie-Dye outfit!
(Anjali wore this at 18 months…)

Anjali adores books

And she knows to put them away

My cousin, Kathryn, juggling onions
during our Indian food prep night

Said Kathryn dressed as a…
hmmm. Not sure.
But she looks great.

Elli and Anjali with our friends, Nicole and Jayrin

Anjali loves salt & pepper pistachios!
She can even open them on her own… mostly.
(They’re my new obsession, too.)

Anjali loves laying down next to her sister. :)
My angels here on earth.