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Mama’s Gotta Brand New Mac

14 Feb Posted by | 3 comments
On Thursday afternoon (shortly after discovering half of a roll of toilet paper spewed all over the bathroom floor) I heard a knock on the door. Dovy was to return from choir any minute, but I went to the door, baby and toddler in tow. There was my husband, down on one knee, with a brand-spankin’ new 13″ MacBook Pro in one hand, and a cherry-colored red-hot case in the other. Drool. Jaw to the floor. Could. Not. Believe. It. My life is now complete. Remember my first post? If not, repent and read: Did not think it was coming THIS soon! (Neither did Dovy.) To explain, we are so very blessed. The laptop was received during a trade in Dovy’s business. (Wink to you out there…)

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Anjali has been really sick this week; most of her pictures paint a rather bleak picture, thus, there aren’t a lot of them. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Elli in the ever-famous “Leopard Suit!”
Anjali took pictures like this with my cousins Laura and Kathryn.
Since Laura is on a mission, Kathryn did the honors with Elli this time.

Wild Animals!

Mmmm… yummy conditioner.

Elli on her 5 month birthday!

Why are you taking pictures of me?
Can’t you tell I feel like poo?

Cereal on the floor, courtesy of my two-year old.

Ninja Warrior Princess
Yes, there is mucous running down my face.
Yes, I am two and don’t care.
Yes, I’m sick.
Are you done taking pictures yet?

Elli doesn’t always smile on camera.
She stares at the contraption a lot, instead.
FINALLY caught her really smiling.
She’s like this all the time!

If this doesn’t melt your heart, I don’t know what does.

All gums.
And absolutely adorable.

The Toilet Paper Incident

My New MacBook Pro

A shadowbox I made for a friend who just had her first baby boy.
You’re supposed to put their first clothes, beanie, whatever you want in there.
I love the ones I have for my girls, so I took it up for fun.
(Thanks for the idea, Nancy!)

Look how she’s holding his hand!

PUH-LEASE stop taking pictures!
I’m STILL sick, Mom.

I couldn’t resist Elli’s smile.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Paukstys Sisters!
  1. Dovy Paukstys02-14-10

    I love my girls SO much. Anjali is feeling tons better and Elia is just SO happy now that she can breath. I love all my girls! heh. Yes, even Daisy.

  2. Stacey02-16-10

    Yay on the mac!!! I'm glad Anjali is feeling better. Those are some priceless pictures of her though. Hahaha.

  3. Chris and Melanie Hoem Family02-22-10

    I love the adorable sister hug!!!

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