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31 Jan Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Strike!

This week has been… fun. Potty training did a nose-dive into the mud. Anjali filled up her entire “Big Girl Bathroom Chart” and earned a new Car, and then promptly decided she was finished, even though we started a new chart with the promise of another Car. Hmmm. Now what? She won’t play with baby dolls – copycatting is out. I refuse to use food as a reward. That’s out. I did hear that putting big kid undies on with plastic pants on the outside helps. I bought her Tinkerbell skivvies and she thought those were pretty cool. But the plastic pants part wasn’t such a hot idea. She’s so teeny-tiny (absence of a rear – how do I get that?) that the plastic pants wouldn’t stay on. She kind of waddled around, whining, begging me to take them off. They wouldn’t have held in an accident to save my life. I even tried putting the pull-up over the Tinkerbell designers, but she couldn’t tell when she wet them after that. Lame. Argh. I’m tired of changing one diaper after the other (I know, I know, I don’t have much to complain about.) But she’s so READY! Come on, kid. On a side note, Anjali and Elli can now officially wear the same diapers!

Elli has been busy stealing hearts. Her legs are getting stronger and she can support her weight while bouncing up and down now (which is saying a lot, considering her size.) She loves trying to sit and she thinks bright cloths are the coolest thing in town. She has learned to squeal when she’s frustrated and sounds uncannily like her sister when she’s angry and screeching. She has become a lot more vocal and thinks that pinching her mother’s face with her razor-sharp fingernails is the funniest thing she’s ever done! Today while I was cleaning up some dishes, I left her between my legs so she could play with my pajama pants (like I said, she loves cloth and will play with it for any length of time.) A second later, my child had turned on her side and was sucking my ankle. “Mom, I’m starving! Can’t you tell?”

The rest of the week has been filled with pie-making for Pie Palooza and preparing orders for Women’s Chorus merchandise. Dovy has been the designer for WC this year and has come up with branding and new merchandise for the choir. I am the Publicity Chair right now and have been meeting and organizing and scheduling and getting things together for our publicity campaign. We are performing on March 13th at 7:30PM and are planning on selling out our house. (Buy tickets starting Feb 8th if you want to come!) We can post pictures of merchandise after it’s started its distribution. Dovy is basically a design genius. Kudos to him!

Hope to see you for Pie Palooza if you’re in the area! Pictures of that event coming next week…

My babies. No touchy.

Squeezing the living daylights out of 24 key limes.
Key Lime Pie, here we come.

Four-Berry Pie. Can’t wait to try this one!

Anjali wrapped up in the blanket
I crocheted when I was pregnant with her. :)

My OCD two-year old. This is how she plays
with her cars: lining them all up in a row.
Should I be worried?

Anjali and Elli LOVE to dance together.
It makes them both so happy!

But I can never get a picture of them both
looking at the camera at the same time. Argh.

Inevitable Sharpie contact.
I need a new place for my pens and markers.
(Thanks, Mo!)