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Do Re Mi

24 Jan Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Do Re Mi
Do Re Mi
This weekend, Dovy and I had the wonderful opportunity to sing at the Provo Tabernacle. Both of our choirs had killer songs and we absolutely loved it! (Thank you to our outstanding babysitters!!!)

This week marks a new journey: Trek o’ Potty-Training! Anjali has actually done pretty well. She still doesn’t realize BEFORE she has to go, but she’s really good at telling us that she went. We’ve already conquered the art of going #1 and #2. All we need is for her to tell us when and life will be… less expensive – only half as many diapers! (Elli and Anjali are only a size apart in diapers, now.) For every time Anjali uses her miniature throne, she gets a Cars sticker. When she fills up a whole chart (20 times) she gets a new Car! (Capitalized because it MUST be a car from the movie; no other car will do.) We are nearly finished with the chart! Yay, Anjali!

Elli has evened out in her growth and is at the “suck-on-everything” stage. She still hates being on her tummy, but alas, must practice daily. We have recently found that she is quite ticklish on her feet and might possibly be teething. (Mommy didn’t get teeth until she was 14 months old, and Anjali didn’t until 10.5 months, so we shall see.) Lots of spit, tender gums, and a little crankiness (which has been totally unlike her until this week.)

This week, Anjali and Elli learned how to dance with each other. Dad holds Elli up and Anjali grabs her little hands and they bounce around the house together. Who needs cable when you have these three to entertain you?

Even tho I despise the word “potty” and
have gone to great lengths not to use it,
I have caved in with the effort of
getting my two-year old to use the pot.

Success #1!

Anjali trying to be like Elli

Anjali helping with the bathing of her sister!
They’re all in blue. Huh.

Anjali wanting to play with Elli.
They’re best friends already.

Elli’s first ride on her dad’s shoulders!

Look how she chose to hold on! :)

Men’s Chorus Manly Men:
Keaton, Dovy, McKay
(They’re all tenors, but that’s okay, we’ll still call them men.)

Dovy right after rehearsal.
He’s the one with his back turned.

Lovely ladies of Women’s Chorus.
I wasn’t in the pictures because I was taking them.

Proof of our successful week!
Only four more times left before Anjali gets a new Car!