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17 Jan Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Namaste!

We love Indian food, we love Bollywood, and we love having company, so last night, we had our Wolthuis cousins over for a Bollywood Night! We spent the week preparing various Indian foods: Tamarind Sauce, Hari Chutney, Thandai, Mango Lassi, Samosas, Vegetable Biryani, Chicken Curry, and Mango Rice. So much fun! The girls dressed up in their Indian attire and we all gathered around for good Shah Rukh Khan entertainment. Alas, pictures were not taken of the event because we were having too much fun!

This week, Mom has learned the art of taking both children out of the house. We have started making a weekly mecca to the library for Toddler Time – various songs, stories, and puppet shows – and the Treehouse, which is an indoor play area for children at the mall. Anjali gets so excited when she gets to play on a slide, and so… unexcited when she has to leave. Ever tried to push a stroller while holding a red-headed tempered, kicking, screaming, flailing two-year old? If you have, a place is saved in Heaven for you (I know and you know who you are), if not… well, come visit us sometime! :)

Anjali is getting smarter every day. Yesterday, I was in Salt Lake for a baby shower and Dovy was home with Anjali. She came into the kitchen, chomping on something and murmuring incomprehensibly. The glistening gold wrapper in her hands was a telltale sign of the leftover Christmas chocolate Anjali had somehow found and stuffed in her mouth. Now, if any of you know our child at all, you will be well-informed of her dairy allergies. Dovy yanked it out of her mouth (carefully) and reaped the benefits the rest of the afternoon. (Rashes on her cheeks and a rather exciting couple of diapers… and lots of Butt Paste.) The thing about this was, the chocolate was in a high place and the piece she chose to try of the two was the only one wrapped in foil. Leave it to her to figure out how to reach and unwrap it.

Elli is learning how to sit! She has never been very fond of tummy time, but wow, is she ever ready to sit! She can hold herself up for a second or so and does really well with some support from her arms. What a big girl! (And literally, too; she weighed almost 15.5 lbs at her last doctor’s visit!) The doctor is so pleased that Elli is so healthy. No allergies for her, plenty of interaction, and a very happy demeanor.

We have choir concerts this week! Anyone interested can see us perform at the Provo Tabernacle at 7:30, either Friday or Saturday. We’re so glad we’re doing choir together; it gives us the chance to do something as a couple that we really enjoy. Until next week.