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January, 2012  // Posts published in January, 2012

29 Jan Posted by in Blog | Comments

First Haircut

(Catching up…) Today, I sang at a Catholic Mass. How cool is that? My a cappella group, Meadowlark, sang there. I love singing with this talented group of women. Amazing. And singing in the building was nifty. The hall was circular, like a giant cylinder, and all of the lights hung in big globes throughout […]


15 Jan Posted by in Blog | Comments

Peanut Butter

I wish I had the sense to write down the happenings of the week so that I give you a true taste of life here at our house. Here’s one that I do remember: Me: Elli, do you want peanut butter on your sandwich? E: Nooooo!! A: I don’t want peanut butter on MY sandwich. […]


08 Jan Posted by in Blog | 2 comments


So, last Sunday, our entire Relief Society Presidency was released. I have been serving for the last year and a half as a second counselor, and then a first counselor. (This is an organization for women in my church.) It was such a bittersweet release because first, it was unexpected, second, I’m relieved, but third, […]


08 Jan Posted by in Blog | Comments


So, this year, I AM going to lose all of my baby fat. And this is how I’m gonna do it: -Five fruits and/or veggies, 100 oz of water, and exercise daily (I have a checklist on the fridge) -Reevaluate each month where I am and what I need to do to keep going -Before/after […]