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September, 2011  // Posts published in September, 2011

26 Sep Posted by in Blog | 1 comment

Getting Ready

It’s been a big week! The Pregnant Lady is exhausted (but what else is new, right?) I had something going on every night this week and with class sandwiched in between Preschool and dance class, we’ve been very busy. Lindsay with Anjali and Elli on the MonsterSak On Monday, the girls started up again with […]


18 Sep Posted by in Blog | Comments


So, on Monday morning, we loaded up and went to try out dance classes. I’ve always known that Anjali would be a natural, and have always intended in putting her in some sort of class. Off she went! And… nothing happened. I should mention that my very rambunctious, vivacious child is always very socially shy, […]


11 Sep Posted by in Blog | 4 comments

P is for Preschool, Paw-ty, and Pregnant

P is for Preschool, Paw-ty, and Pregnant

We had a fun week! I guess I forgot a big thing in my blog post last week. I started singing at BYU again. This year, I am in Concert Choir, which is an SATB (that’s mixed, with Soprano, Alto Tenor, and Bass) choir. I really love how succinct everyone is and how hard everyone […]


04 Sep Posted by in Blog | Comments

Our Baby

Hmm. This week. Let’s see. I’m making it? I am definitely in the “I feel large, like a beached-whale kind of large. I want my baby out, but I’m not ready for it” stage. And for those of you who have never had the muscle mass of a man (yes, I’ve been told that,) reached […]