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May, 2011  // Posts published in May, 2011

31 May Posted by in Blog | 1 comment

Best Friends

So, here are a few more pictures left over from our trip with G & G last weekend: Redheads unite! Yes, it is super hard to resist this little face. Grandma and Elli Grandpa and his little “Magnet” Grandpa and “Pistol II,” lovinglynamed after her look-a-like, my cousin, Kathryn,who apparently had very similar nonstop energy. […]


22 May Posted by in Blog | 1 comment


As per my previous surprise post, you should know the big news by now. If you don’t, here’s the link. Now that you’ve gone back and read it (if you did,) let’s get on with this week. Most of the week was spent mulling over baby names, having a “Reveal Party,” moving furniture, and attempting […]


19 May Posted by in Blog | 1 comment

It’s a…

I interrupt this regularly scheduled program for a special announcement. It’s a boy!!! We are so extremely excited! The baby looks very healthy and seems to be quite active. (Which I could have told you – I feel him all the time.) I had a gut feeling that this was going to be a little […]


18 May Posted by in Blog | Comments

Breakfast at the Bellagio

This week, the girls and I were bachelorett-ing it up! Daddy left on Tuesday morning and then it was just us. Unfortunately, I also contracted my kids’ colds the same day that Dovy left. Argh. It hasn’t been too terrible, but the coughing sure has made sleep really difficult. I was planning on taking the […]


08 May Posted by in Blog | Comments

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Sorry it took so long to get last week’s pictures up. It’s been a long week… Halfway through the week, Elli came down with something nasty. I took her to the doctor on Thursday and they had to administer a little steroid to open up her throat. She was wheezing and coughing all the night […]


08 May Posted by in Blog | Comments

Wedding Madness

This week, my cousin, Jared, was married to Kaitlin. We spent the week getting ready for the event by helping with food, throwing a shower for the bride-to-be, setting up the gym, and actually attending the wedding. Almost all of the Wolthuis family was able to be there for the event. I LOVE getting together […]