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February, 2011  // Posts published in February, 2011

27 Feb Posted by in Blog | 1 comment

Good with the Bad

So, maybe you saw from our (Dovy’s) last post that we have a new member of the family! Well, two, actually, I guess. First off, since Dovy spilled all the beans, I might as well post it here. I am expecting again. I am almost 8 weeks along at this point, due October 12th. Yes, […]


23 Feb Posted by in Blog | 3 comments

A Surprise


20 Feb Posted by in Blog | 1 comment

Park Time is Here Again

Hmm. What to say today? I feel like we’ve just been recovering. We arrived from Denver on Monday. Laura (my cousin) drove back with us. It was a fairly uneventful trip, until Anjali found the markers. Oh, boy. When is that little imp going to stop finding trouble? Dumb question, I know. Tuesday morning, I […]


13 Feb Posted by in Blog | Comments

Wawa’s Home!

I’ll let the pictures tell the story, because there are a lot of them! Little Mexican Elli (It’s really a Jessie Hat but she still looks Latin with that little baby tan of hers.) And this was the Anjali highlight of the week… Tuesday night, I was making dinner. The three-year old had been quiet […]


06 Feb Posted by in Blog | Comments

Pie Palooza 2011

The following picture was a test of mommy’s sanity this week: Because, see, the crayons used in this picture were not the washable Crayola kind. How do kids sniff these things out? Did it have to be THAT black crayon? Of course it did. So, the three-year old helped clean it all up… Needless to […]