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June, 2010  // Posts published in June, 2010

27 Jun Posted by in Blog | 3 comments

You Are Not Allowed to Read This Post If You Freak Out :)

Busy week! Quick recap: – Elli got her second tooth! She is working on the two bottom ones now.– I had my birthday on Tuesday. Dovy found a babysitter (Thanks, Nina!) and stole me away to Salt Lake for Cheesecake Factory. He surprised me by also getting me an iPhone! (Great deal for it.) What […]


20 Jun Posted by in Blog | Comments


Thus, the swimming excursion has drawn to a close. Thank goodness. That really threw off our iron-clad schedule (or not so iron-clad.) Elli has turned into a little beast this week partly because of it, but I’m positive it’s mostly because she’s teething. Anjali, as well. She got her first two-year molar right around Daddy’s […]


13 Jun Posted by in Blog | 1 comment


A typical morning this week: I wake up, nurse Elli, feed Anjali a light breakfast and then announce that it’s time to get ready. Anjali starts jumping up and down and shouting, “Sinning! Sinning! Sinning!” She immediately rips off her clothes (and for the first time, her pajama shirt included). Diaper comes off instantly and […]


06 Jun Posted by in Blog | 3 comments

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Dovy celebrated his 28th year this week. Wow. What an old man. I spent a few days cooking with Anjali. She is such a devoted little helper in the kitchen. She calls cooking by the name of “One-Two” because whenever I measure things, I count out loud, “One… Two…” She’s hilarious. On Memorial Day, we […]